It’s 3:33 in the afternoon when I’m writing these lines. I’ve finished earlier at work and right now I’m sipping a decaff cappuccino in Pret A Manger at Great Portland Street. I have a terrible headache caused by my back, but I’m not going home just yet.

I’m invited for an event with Orla Kiely for Halfords and one does not just misses an opportunity to meet such a great fashion designer like her. So I’m waiting and I’m writing.

Apart from being in pain I’m also super excited about the the FABWMN tea party held this Saturday. It was time to take this project to another level and I have several ideas to elevate it even further.

I’ve been organizing this par-tea for 3 month now, trying out recipes, putting together all the details (some obstacles came into the way, such as moving homes, building work, etc). It will be great not only because of the fabulous guest list, but also for this Saturday marking our Cotton wedding anniversary (2nd) with hubby and on top of that it is New Moon that very day. It got to be great!

On my way to the event I saw these…

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