Technically, black is not a color but a neutral, and it plays a many-faceted role in interior design. It can be dramatic, contrasting, intimidating, forgiving and you can safely combine it with any segments of the color wheel. Its application in interiors is countless and its effect is timeless. But can it be used in kitchens, where so many things happen: suppers, family gatherings, cooking, morning coffees and afternoon teas? The answer is yes! Starting with the very basic appliances, such as the combination microwave oven by Panasonic (yes, it is a sponsored post) you can add a dash of drama to your cabinets, walls, floors and back-splashes.

black kitchen, anamiblog
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In order to create a more individual kitchen look black is the perfect tool to use. Instead of sticking to the usual and boring standards embrace it on various surfaces and make a statement with it. Whether you choose shiny or matte, go big or stay small only having black accessories and a microwave (it’s time you click on this link, dear, as I mentioned, it is a sponsored post) just have fun with it. It’s supremely chic and the themes to get inspired by, too: modern vintage, monochrome, Scandinavian, Japanese minimalism or townhouse elegance, just to mention a few.

black kitchens, anami blog
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Mix materials and finishes, blend the space into one or use black as a borderline to create contrast and a contemporary edge. For a more eye-catching feature use bold motifs and patterns, signs or dark images. If you’re still hesitating, take it step by step and perhaps start with one black item in your cooking space – my tip is a Panasonic microwave (yes, again, after all, this post is sponsored by it).

combination microwave oven by Panasonic, panasonic, anami blog

Actually, it is an extremely efficient and intelligent little thing – apart from the usual functions heating and defrosting, it uses steam, so that your food retains more nutrients and natural flavors, no need to rotate your food midway through and it will still be cooked and crispy. Besides these super clever features, honestly, my favourite is that it doesn’t have a plate! Yes, you’ve heard me well. I really could live without cleaning that naughty plate all the time. The Flatbed solution offers 29% more space inside, enabling you to use dishes with a variety of size or shape (ok, now or never, click on the link please)

Back to black, though: I’ve gathered a lookbook for some inspiration and to help you decide whether or not black is for you.

Black kitchen 3Black kitchen 4Black kitchen 5Black kitchen 6Black kitchen 7Black kitchen 8Black kitchen 9Black kitchen 10Black kitchen 11Black kitchen 12Black kitchen 13Black kitchen 14Black kitchen 15Black kitchen 16Black kitchen 17Black kitchen 18Black kitchen 19Black kitchen 20Black kitchen 21Romain Ricard © site internet book travail décoration

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