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ENG: I’m Annamaria but my friends just call me Anami [∧n∧mee]– which sometimes sounds as ‘enemy’ when English people say it… Originally I’m an interior designer and blogger living in London with a Hungarian accent from Slovakia – something that I need to explain all the time…

This blog started out as my reflections on design and fashion, however through the time it has evolved into a more personal journal and I decided to keep my notes in that direction.

Currently I am studying and training to become a lifestyle coach, which together with my FAB WMN movement aims to help women all over the world to become a better version of themselves, to enhance the quality of their lives and by reducing stress to bring balance into their journey.

I like dancing with my eyes closed, walking in the rain and listening to Diana Krall. I cannot sleep with my socks on and I’m at my most creative when everyone is asleep, in the night. Wine makes me feel funny and I don’t like red flowers. I change my hair colour a lot and I have rather big eyes – someone once even asked whether I see more with them than other people… I used to have depression and panic disorder, but thanks to therapy and healthy lifestyle choices I’ve overcame both.

Hope you’ll enjoy spending time on my blog and that you’ll find something worthy…

Thanks for reading :)


Anami, xx

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HU: Annamaria vagyok, de a barataim Anaminak hivnak, a blog neve is innen ered. Eredetileg enterior dizajner vagyok, szlovakiai magyar, de immaron 9 eve Londonban elek es alkotok.

A blog egy dizajn es divat naplokent indult, de az evek soran egy sokkal szemelyesebb hangot utott meg, amit azota is tart – a londoni esemenyek mellett helyet kap a lelek es a noi let is.

Jelenleg egy coach akademian tanulok, ami a FAB WMN projekt mellett, illetve annak kereten belul abban eszkoz, hogy noknek vilagszerte segitsek elerni celjaikat, megvalositani onmagukat es kiegyensulyozott eletet elni a ma elegge rohano vilagunkban.

Terapiaval es tudatosabb eletmoddal legyoztem a depressziot es a panikbetegseget, melyek evekig kisertek utamon. Szeretem az esos delutanokat, az oszi setakat, Diana Krall-t es a bodza teat. Nem tudok zokniban aludni, leginkabb ejszaka vagyok kreativ es nalam legtobbszor a pohar felig tele van.

Remelem, hogy talalsz kedvedre valo olvasnivalot a blogomon!

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10 thoughts on “ANAMI

  1. Thank you for checking out my blog. I love your blog! love your ‘Metrodesign’ idea and definitely appreciate your fondness of Tori Amos! ❤

  2. Hi Anami! how exciting to have had a visit from you, and thanks for the like! have to say (which you have probably heard before) -your eyes!! they are amazingly beautiful, you know they say that they are the mirror of our soul!?!
    I also really enjoyed looking at your engagement shoot by your friend, great pictures and you look so in love! very sweet. so this most mean that you are planning to get married? would be nice to see what ideas you have for that!?! hope to see more of your stuff! thanks for sharing & best regards

  3. Hi Anami,

    I’m glad to be added to your list of followers and thank you so much for following me too… Your style of writing is infectious, I am obsessed with writing that sounds as if it has been taken from a book and absolutely adore this line you wrote:
    ‘I like dancing with my eyes closed, walking in the rain and listening to Tori Amos.’ It is so very vivid… beautiful.
    I look forward to reading your posts..
    Minnie xoxo

  4. egyenlore nem tudok lajkoni mert nem vagyok hozzá sehova se beegisztrálva, de nagyon nagyon jo ez a blog,tele érdekes és szép dolgokkal, valodi kikapcsolodás és felüdülés ide látogatni, köszi :-*

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