OUTFIT 2017 / 2

Being a huge fan of comfortable and interesting pieces I was extremely glad finding this green oversized coat at the last Vintage Kilo Sale I attended by Retrospect London. It is perfect for shifting seasons, windy days and shy sunny ones, too. It has huge pockets, so no bags needed, however I had to include in this outfit my current favourite I got from Covet House – I just love me some gold totes. And look at those boots – yes, guilty as charged, I have a huge weakness for everything made by Shoe Embassy.

anamiblog, retrospect london, vintage coat, lifestyle coaching london

I always wash all the garments bought second hand, even though the ones by Retrospect are absolutely clean, and for some reason I did not bother checking the pockets. Imagine my surprise, when wearing the coat for the first time I’d found 2000 liras in the top pocket. What a lucky day! I know Italian Lira is obsolete, it’s not about the amount, it is more about life sending me a sign, a message.

anamiblog, retrospect london, vintage coat, lifestyle coaching london
Funny face is a must have!

Oh, by the way, tomorrow (9th June) is not only full moon, but also a 10 million day again, so think positive, think big and set some goals with plans on how to get there. If you need some help, I am still offering free life coaching as part of my training – get in touch via email or a comment below for further details.

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Boots – Shoe Embassy / Jeans – River Island / Top – Reversed / Coat – vintage by Retrospect London / bag – Covet House / Shades – Meller

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