OUTFIT 2017 / 1

With spring being in full bloom (even though I’m still wearing a warm coat) I decided to do outfits again – as usually around this time of the year. I can certainly see a pattern there, but now I’m actually doing it for real, yay. So, having said that, my first set for this year has been created around this blue dress-like coat. One of the most demanded pieces from my latest treasure hunt at Retrospect London vintage sale.

Anamiblog outfit 1

As I cannot wear this garment on its own, I decided to pair it with some jeans and white shirt. The dress itself is very edgy, and I thought the jeans and flowery heels will keep the fun going. The white shirt and gold accessories on the other hand pulls it back to the chic side.

Anamiblog outfit 9

Apart from the outfit, you can also have a sneak peek into our house, to the guest room, in particular. This is the only room we haven’t painted or changed since we moved in, so some decoration is in order. I wanted to have lots of pictures on the wall, and after researching online I found the bigger frames quite pricey. And then guess what happened – our neighbors moved out and gave us all their frames! Plus they gave us a big mirror – something we’d been longing for a while.

Anamiblog outfit 8

During the shoot I realized I did not like that “Get Naked” sign over the mantel, so I just changed it to that blue painting. I think it looks much better now, not just because of the visual, but also the size fits the space better. Also, I went a little silly, as you can see above, but I thought I’d show, as it’s still part of me.

So, let me know what you think of this blue dress and how else would you style it. I’m very curious, as it’s is a bit of a challenging piece (which btw I have plenty in my wardrobe).

Anamiblog outfit 7Anamiblog outfit 6Anamiblog outfit 5Anamiblog outfit 4anamiblog, fab wmn, retrospect london, blue dress, vintage outfitanamiblog, fab wmn, retrospect london, blue dress, vintage outfit

Shoes – Camden Town / Jeans – Zara / Shirt – H&M / Bra – Calvin Klein / Blue Dress (vintage) – Retrospect London

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3 thoughts on “OUTFIT 2017 / 1

  1. Szépséges a cipő, a kék ruha továbbra is nagyon tetszik, kabátként is, a polcon a dekorcsere pedig tök jó ötlet volt, tényleg sokkal jobb így az összhatás. Igazi királynői jelenség vagy. 🙂

  2. This dress is beautiful and the sleeves are special. It’s nice to match with white shirt. Btw, I like your floral heels! Sooo beautiful!

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