ENG: It is quite a rare case when beauty products are not just great for what they are, but also carry an additional meaningful message. To be honest, this very message or rather mission was that grabbed my attention in the first place when I encountered Zanza Natural Cosmetics.

Zanza Natural Cosmetics, organic body polish, anamiblog
Image Source Zanza Natural Cosmetics

With the headquarter and business based in Hungary, most of Zanza’s products are produced by the Seaweed Centre in Zanzibar, which is not just an ordinary manufacturing place. Originally it was an initiative by the local government, which then under Swedish supervision eventually has grown into an educational center and later on into a local enterprise, where women of the area get a chance to work and get paid, so they can maintain their families and ensure their children’s education.

All the ingredients are grown within the Seaweed centre, every product there is then handmade and organic without any added alcohol or perfume. I have tested the Lime Soap and two body polishes – the Zanzibar Spirit and the Coffee & Cinammon one (FYI, I got the products as a gift, in exchange for a review post, but my opinion is honest and authentic).

The Lime Nourishing Soap

Zanza Natural Cosmetics, organic body polish, anamiblog

The look, the colour, the scent, the packaging – I love everything about this one! It foams well and leaves the skin extra smooth and soft. The ingredients are virgin coconut oil, beeswax, sea grass, distilled water and lime essential oil. An additional feature is having these somewhat rough but still gentle particles in – I assume it’s the wax, which works as a tender scrub as well.

The Zanzibar Spirit Body Polish

Zanza Natural Cosmetics, organic body polish, anamiblog

This particular one is made of virgin coconut oil, clove, cardamom and cinnamon powder, sea grass and clove essential oil. Its scent full of character is a bit too much for my taste, but that’s just me, it has nothing to do with the quality of the product. The Zanzibar spirit has quite a liquid texture, so you need to stir well to recombine the ingredients and be a bit careful of not getting oily all over.

To be honest I was confused before about the differences between a body polish and a body scrub, so I did some research. Apparently both supposed to exfoliate and moisturize, while in addition the scrub should cleanse as well. The particles are so tiny in this one, that it does not do much in the exfoliation department, however it makes the skin radiate and leaves it super soft. The 50 ml edition I had was enough for 3-4 pampering sessions on the whole body.

The Coffee & Cinnamon Body Polish

Zanza Natural Cosmetics, organic body polish, anamiblog

Scent-wise this one is much more my cup of tea – or rather cup of coffee! It smells amazing, makes you want to get a bite of it. The texture is very different from the previously reviewed body polish – it is solid with clearly visible particles which gives you much more exfoliation than the Zanzibar Spirit.

Because of the size of the particles you might not want to scrub sensitive areas, it’s your choice – I used it even on the chest area, but others might not go for it. My skin loved it – it felt nourished and energized. The ingredients are virgin coconut oil,  sugar, honey, coffee arabica, sea grass, cinnamon and nutmeg. The 50 ml edition is more or less enough for 1 whole body treatment or 2-3 partial pampering.

Hope you are now very curious about Zanza, for more information check out their website and follow them on Instagram. These are not just wonderful high quality products but also support the women of Zanzibar, empowering them so they can empower their daughters and generations to come.

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Zanza Natural Cosmetics, organic body polish, anamiblog

HU: Nemreg a Zanza Natural Cosmetics termekeit teszteltem, ami szamomra nemcsak azert kulonleges, mert minosegi, organikus dolgokrol van szo hozzadaott parfum es alkohol nelkul, hanem azert is, mert a termekek egy nemes ugyet is kepviselnek.

Bar az uzlet szekhelye Magyarorszag, a termekek tobbsege Zanzibaron keszul a Seaweed Center-ben, ami eredetileg a helyi kormany kezdemenyezese volt, majd az evek soran sved, kesobb holland vezetessel egy vallalkozassa notte ki magat, mely a kornyekbeli noket segiti munkahoz, fizeteshez, igy azok fenn tudjak tartani csaladjaikat, iskolaztatni tudjak gyermekeiket (errol bovebben a Zanza blogjan olvashattok).

Lime Szappan

Zanza Lime soap for Anamiblog

Az illat, a szinvilag, a csomagolas mind szerelem elso latasra! Nagyon tetszett ez a darab, konnyen habzik, a lime illat csodalatos, a borom pedig teljesen puha volt tole. Extra bonusz, hogy szemcses a szappan, igy valamelyst radirkent is funkcional. Az osszetevok szűz kókuszolaj, méhviasz, tengeri fű, desztillált víz es lime illóolaj.

Zanzibar Spirit Testradir

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A dominans aromat a szegfuszeg adja, ami nekem kisse eros, de ez egyeni, nem a termek hibaja. Az allaga nagyon folyekony, apro szemcsekkel – hasznalat elott ajanlott jol osszekeverni, es tessek vigyazni, nehogy kicsurogjon az olaj. Ugyan borradir a hivatalos megnevezes, de ez talan kisse megteveszto lehet, mert szerintem annyira nem hamlaszt, nagyon pici szemcsei vannak (aztan lehet, hogy csak en vagyok “durvasaghoz” szokva).

Az altalam tesztelt 50 ml-es kiszereles 3-4 alkalomra volt eleg (osszetevok szűz kókusz olaj, szegfűszeg por, cardamom por, fahéj por, tengeri fű, szegfűszeg illóolaj). Nagyon puha es selymes volt a borom meg joval a hasznalata utan is, testapolo kremet ki is hagytam a ritualembol.

Coffee & Cinnamon Testradir

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Az illatvilaga sokkal kozelebb all hozzam, mint az elozo termeke, szinte beleharapnek, olyan finom! Ez egy sokkal szilardabb testradir, nagyobb szemcsekkel, igy valoban hatekonyan hamlaszt, de pont az allaga miatt az 50 ml-es kiszereles max 1-2 alkalomra eleg, ha az egesz testre kenjuk.

A nagy szemcsekkel ovatosan az erzekeny teruleteken, nekem speciel szerette a borom barhova is kentem, de lehet, hogy nem mindenkinek birna (osszetevok szűz kókusz olaj, cukor, méz, coffee arabica, tengeri fű, fahéj, szerecsendió). Taplalo es energetizalo, megkoszoni majd a borod az apolast.

Remelem, hogy sikerult felkeltenem az erdeklodesed es szeretned kiprobalni te is a Zanza termekeit. Nagyon sok szeretet es torodes van bennuk!

Tovabbi informacioert latogasd meg a Zanza weboldalat ( es kovesd Instagramon (@zanzacosmetics) is.


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