September has so much to offer in London, Fashion week and the Design Festival keep satisfied all seeking some stylish vibes and inspiration. This year I started off my design journey with the private view of BoConcept‘s new collection. Emma Cottrell from the marketing and PR team gave us a prelusive presentation followed by a tour across the Tottenham Court Road showroom, where we could actually try the furniture, have a close up of the accessories and touch & feel the materials, textures. As usual I could have just taken home everything!

The two key themes for the new collection include “Metropolitan Mood”, exploring sophisticated city living, as well as the calm and clarity of Nordic-inspired design in “Northern light”. I’ve found both close to my heart – I love the geometry and grey shades of the Metropolitan Mood, however I’m also keen on the softness and comfort of the Northern light. (ALL IMAGES BELONG TO BOCONCEPT)


Combining opulent colours, sumptuous fabrics and international flair create the unity of this theme reflecting the cityscape with its strong lines and epitomizing the modern urban interior.

BoConcept, Metropolitan Mood, Danish interior design, Cenova sofaBoConcept, Metropolitan Mood, Danish interior design, Carlton corner sofaBoConcept, Metropolitan Mood, Danish interior design, Hampton corner sofa


Sometimes simplicity is the most exciting thing of all. This theme explores light, the integrity of wood, pastels, touchable textures and individual styling. Natural materials add authenticity and comfort.

Boconcept, Northern Light by BoConcept, Danisg interior design, Fusion chairBoconcept, Northern Light by BoConcept, Danisg interior design, Adelaide chair


Again, simplicity is an essential attribute of the new collection. Reflections through a mirror are key for this season, just as stone materials with the bright kind of wood. Botanic and Art Deco elements evoke retro harmony with dusty rose shades, brass finishes and heavy textiles.

Boconcept accessories 2017boconcept-accessories-2boconcept-accessories-3boconcept-accessories-4boconcept-accessories-5boconcept-accessories-6boconcept-accessories-7boconcept-accessories-8boconcept-accessories-9boconcept-accessories-10boconcept-accessories-11boconcept-accessories-12boconcept-accessories-13boconcept-accessories-14boconcept-accessories-15boconcept-accessories-16Boconcept accessories 2017

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