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I’m Annamaria but my friends just call me Anami – which sometimes sounds as ‘enemy’ when English people say it… I’m a designer and blogger in London with a Hungarian accent from Slovakia – something that I need to explain all the time…

This blog started out as my reflections on design, however through the time it has evolved into a more personal journal and I decided to keep my notes in that direction. I also discovered my passion for fashion, so I started to include outfit posts to reflect on my personal style.

I like dancing with my eyes closed, walking in the rain and listening to Tori Amos. I cannot sleep with my socks on and I’m at my most creative when everyone is asleep, in the night. Wine makes me feel funny and I don’t like red flowers. I change my hair colour a lot and I have rather big eyes – someone once even asked whether I see more with them than other people…

Hope you enjoy spending time on this blog and that you find something worthy…

Thanks for reading :)


Anami, xx


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