IMG_1821It’s been a rather sad week, as back home the situation has been sometimes critical. The river Danube caused floods all around itself, putting into danger thousands of people in East Europe.

IMG_1753I don’t like the idea of hunting, it carries an arrogant attitude for me, therefore am not keen on showing trophies either. However, I find this reinterpretation of the concept very original, as it doesn’t harm anyone, up-cycles objects and looks good.

IMG_1789 At Warren Street station – moment from London. Like the architecture at the background, that building is actually a hospital – long way to go for us to reach this level.

IMG_1818The tax office – again, very different from what we have back at home, haha.

IMG_1820These crazy sunglasses are sure eye-catching, but just look horrible on. Found them in Primark – also found that this season you either go for the “I’m so rock&roll, full of studs” look, or you choose the “be a hippi and get high on the rainbow colours” scheme. Not sure yet…

IMG_1819Yeay, SUMMER GIVEAWAY is on, all you have to do is LIKE my FB page and share this game. Easy as it is. Good luck!

Delta LightGot an invitation for the new Light Bible launch party taking place next week, looking forward!

Kaushal_Niraula_Save_the_DateAnother invitation for a catwalk show that is being part of the LONDON MAN’S COLLECTION. Now I need to think of a suitable outfit to attend. So excited!

See you next week.


Anami, xx

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