Being young is a fabulous thing, being a young creative woman even more so. Erzsi is just 21 years old and already consciously building her career and life. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. I met her two years ago when she was only talking about once doing the things she has actually already achieved since then. Now I invited her to the FAB WMN tea party and she told me all about it. It’s amazing to see a woman living up to her potential (and more)!

erzsi senkar, wedding planner from aylesbury, anamiblog, fabwmn

  • What do you do?

..Well, where should I start? At the moment I work for a beautiful wedding venue over in Amersham where I do 2-3 weddings a week, plus some conferences, parties, exhibitions and all sort of events, basically anything you can imagine. Done a diploma in wedding planning, styling and design this is why my job is a bit (too) complex. From planning, to running, to decorating I do everything. Handling bridezillas and mumzillas every single day is a big part of my job too.

  • What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is seeing people happy. I feel like I am the key to make one of their dreams come true. The happiness and the joy on their faces just makes everything beautiful even on the most stressful day.

  • Describe yourself with 5 words:

Fun, Creative, Committed, Unique, Open minded

erzsi senkar, wedding planner from aylesbury, anamiblog, fabwmn

  • In 5 years…

Where do I want to be in 5 years­? This is such a hard question to answer. To have a family with kids and a husband, or to create a financially secure life to be happy and safe with the family later on? … Well for sure I want to have my own little place where I can create and do what I love. Hopefully in 5 years I can call myself a well know wedding planner, but at the moment this is just a dream, but I feel like I am on the right track to make this happen.

  • What is the proudest moment of your life so far?

This might not be a big thing for others, but it was a huge success for me. Passing A-levels in a language which is not you first language is a big thing, I think. Managed to pass with A stars which I am really proud of. My dad never believed in me that I can do it, but this gave me the strength and power to show him; the “YES I CAN”. Also, he never thought I will be more than a waitress one day. Now, here I am building a career, becoming successful and now I am thankful for his negativity, because of this I never gave up.

erzsi senkar, wedding planner from aylesbury, anamiblog, fabwmn

  • What is the best part of being a woman?

The best part of being a woman is being COMPLEX, being more. You are a mum, a friend, a hero, a grandma, a motivation, a wife, a support, strength, a home, a shelter… and many-many more.

  •  If you could choose anybody, who would you spend a day with?

If I could choose anyone to spend the day with, I would choose myself. I would love to see myself from  a different point of view, like how others see me. This might sound weird, but I am sure it would be beneficial and would be able to learn a lot about myself to create a better me.

erzsi senkar, wedding planner from aylesbury, anamiblog, fabwmn

  • If there would be a film if your life who/which actress would play your part?

I feel like it would be definitely Kate Winslet. Let’s take Titanic or The Dressmaker as an example, she plays such strong characters and most importantly she never gives up, no matter what life brings.

  •  How do you handle stress?

I probably handle stress the most easiest way. I cry. If there is something to do and it is too much, I just do it myself and cry after I have done it. I rarely ask for help, but if I do, then the help is really needed. Chocolate is my second option.

  • Recommend a…
    …a book to read:

Vivienne Westwood by Vivienne Westwood and Ian Kelly

  • …a film to watch:

The Age of Adaline

  • …a song to listen to:

Sia – Bird Set Free

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