My favourite look from Orsi, something I haven´t seen before from her. Unfortunatelly, we had to do this shoot twice, because first I left the memory card up in my PC (yes, I know, don´t say a word), so poor Orsi had to freeze while I took another round. But, the result speaks for itself…… Continue reading ORSI – LEATHER GLAM



Easy like Sunday morning… Orsi really rules this look, it´s very feminine, and the colours keep each other great company… It´s perfect for any casual day, and as the bag is a real statement piece, it will stand out no matter what. (All images belong to Anami Blog) WHAT SHE WEARS Boots – Hoyvoy Jeans… Continue reading ORSI – LOVESTONED



ENG: We were walking with Orsi Sunday afternoon, when I spotted this interesting site at my old primary school. The walls look great, so she had no choice but sacrifice herself in front of the camera. This part of the building is not maintained at all, bringing back lots of memories… (All images belong to… Continue reading ORSI – NOSTALGIA



ENG: Orsi is calmness. Orsi is kindness. Orsi is honesty. She has this natural purity that makes you feel good when you spend time with her. She is a teacher (originally chemistry – biology, a deathly combination), likes the Vampire Diaries and all kind of mysterious and strange stories (usually you can see her with… Continue reading ORSI – BRIGHT & SHINE