PULSE 2013

ENG: The first design show I’ve been to this year was Pulse at Earls Court. Already being aware of it I didn’t expect anything else/other than what it offered. It was packed of exhibitors, many of them showing almost the same products, it was somewhat chaotic – got lost several times, however I still liked… Continue reading PULSE 2013



ENG: I’ve never been such a girl, who had fantasies about her wedding, I’ve never dreamed about my ‘big day’ or the ultimate wedding dress. Never, in a ‘girly-way’… What I’ve been thinking about is a innovative graphic design for invitations, a bold and special interior/stage design of the scenes and of course, the story… Continue reading PETER&VERONIKA: WEDDING CHIC FROM SLOVAKIA


FASHION STORY: 1910-1920

Dear Fashionistas, this story is about the passion for Orientalism, that Paul Poiret offered to all the ladies through his flowing pantaloons, turbans and vivid colours, and who also established the notion of the ┬┤fashion house┬┤. Later it is about Art Deco, my favourite part, with its glamour and luxury, and also about the first… Continue reading FASHION STORY: 1910-1920