ENG: There are so many blogs out there, endless variety of niches and it seems to get harder and harder to stand out. Blogging about fashion and lifestyle is probably the No 1 amongst them all, so I’m always delighted to find someone, who has an outstanding message, who does something different and who I can relate to. Laurie is one of them. She’s a London based yoga teacher writing about living an alcohol free life: “I was using alcohol to escape myself, and to runaway from my life, and it scare the shit out of me.”

She went through depression and anxiety, recently became a qualified yoga teacher and is now focusing on living and being happy. From the following interview you can learn a bit more about this empowering woman – make sure you follow Laurie’s wonderful Instagram profile and have a look at her blog. (www.girlandtonic.co.uk)

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Girl & Tonic blog
  • What do you do?

I work in corporate marketing in London.

  • What is the best part of your job/profession? 

I work on new projects every day, meet loads of new people and get to think of lots of new ideas.

  • Why did you choose the “alcohol-free” niche for your blog?

I think it chose me! I stopped drinking and started writing about it.

I’ve been interested in health and well-being for a long time and talking about my journey seemed like a good place to start. There aren’t many UK based women talking about life alcohol free in the public space (Joey from Addictive Daughter and Off the Rocks both do a great job though) so I thought why not.

girl & tonic, anamiblog, fabwmn
Laurie’s Instagram profile
  • Describe yourself with 5 word:

Honest, trusting, creative, ambitious and terrible at washing up.

Can terrible at washing up count as one?

  • In 5 years…

Not sure what this question means?

  • What is the proudest moment of your life so far?

There’s been many, finally stopping drinking and putting myself out there is my most recent though.

  • What is the best part of being a woman? 

This is tough. I’m learning to honour my cyclical nature though and having the support and a circle of an amazing group of women makes me feel very lucky everyday.

girl & tonic, anamiblog, fabwmn

  • If you could choose anybody, who would you spend a day with?

My mum! She lives two hours away from London so I don’t see her as much as I’d like.

  • If there would be a film of your life who/which actress would play your part?

Jennifer Lawrence, just because I think she’s super cool!

  • How do you handle stress?

Yoga, baths, writing, tea with friends, an early night – all the good stuff!

  • Recommend a…

 …a book to read 

Light is the new black by Rebecca Cambell (read it & feel your life open right up)

…a film to watch

I just watched Minimalism: A Documentary – it made me consider what I really need in my life

…a song to listen to

I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross, it’s my anthem – I listen to it every morning (no shame!)

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HU: Manapsag rengeteg blogot lehet talalni szamtalan temat erintve, megis talan a divat es eletmod az egyik legelterjedtebb az osszes kozul. Nagyon nehez igazan kitunore lelni, ezert is keresem lelkesen azokat a platformokat, ahol a csini kepek mogott szamomra ertekes tartalom is van. Azokat a blogokat szeretem, ahol mondanivalo is van, nemcsak egy muvileg kialakitott rozsaszin buborek vilag a semmirol. Legyen ize, szaga, tortenete, amivel azonosulni tudok, ami megerint.

girl & tonic, anamiblog, fabwmn

Laurie blogja pont egy ilyen. Egy Londonban elo lanyrol van szo, aki nemreg szerezte meg a joga tanari diplomajat es leginkabb az alkohol mentes eletrol ir. Fura, ugye? Ki gondolna, hogy errol is lehet, akar kell irni, hiszen az alkohol annyira szerves resze a vilagunknak, mint a vasarnapi husleves. Ha faj a torkod igyal egy felest, fertotlenit, ha rossz a gyomrod igyal egy felest, rendbehozza, ha ittal egyet, akkor nyomj le meg egyet a masik labadba is. Ha fazol, igyal egyet, ha meleged van igyal egy husito koktelt. A sor az folyekony kenyer, a bor meg nem is alkohol, az orvossag.

Laurie megizlelte a depresszio es szorongas kemeny vilagat, s bizony volt idoszak, amikor az alkoholba menekulve probalta atveszelni a mindennapokat, menekulni a valosag elol. Manapsag egy boldog es kiegyesulyozott no, aki a jogaban talalta meg onmagat, a blogjan pedig sajat alkoholmentes eletevel igyekszik masoknak is segiteni, masokat is inspiralni.

Kovesd ot az Instagramon, illetve nezz be a blogjara is – www.girlandtonic.co.uk

Koszonom, hogy olvasod az irasaimat, tovabbi inspiracioert kovesd egyeb profiljaimat is, illetve hasznald a #FABWMN teget!

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