eniko menczel, fab wmn, anamiblogENG: First I met Eniko at an event organized for Hungarian bloggers living in the UK. She is a molecular biologist researching autoimmune diseases and cancer in Cambridge, a runner (she ran 1000 km last year), a very kind person, a blogger (she writes in Hungarian), and a woman with a beautiful soul. Her writings reach deep, they are honest and peaceful, Eniko has this calm aura that resonates with your positive energies, she’s a person you just want to be near to.


  • What do you do?
I work for an immune-oncology focused biotech company in Cambridge as a research scientist. I am part of the Immunology group, so I develop and run biological assay to test our drugs. It is a lab-based job, I work with cells and human blood, but I also spend a lot of time in my office analyzing data and planning experiments.
  • What is the best part of your job/profession?
It is always different and interesting. Honestly I can’t remember a day when I was bored. I love developing something new from scratch. We are basically modelling biological processes outside of the human body. It is always a pleasure when an experiment works the way I expected, because these cell-based systems are really really sensitive. I love working with other scientist as well and brainstorm together as a team.
  • Describe yourself with 5 words:
Creative, active, sensitive, open-minded and curious.
  • In 5 years…
I think I will stay in science in the following years, but I would also like to write a book and do something creative. I hope that I will have a family by then as well.
  • What is the proudest moment of your life so far?
When I finished my first half-marathon. I was in so much pain, I was exhausted, but I felt like a hero. I did it Hungary, it was such a good experience. I was also very proud when one of my friends finished her first race. I helped her training and I was so proud of her achieving something she never thought she could do.
  • What is the best part of being a woman?
Women always aim to improve continuously, they are never quite satisfied with what they achieved, they always want more and more, therefore they work really hard. We are really good at multi-tasking. We have to be smart, hard-working, strong, but pretty and fit. We also have to be good wives and caring mothers. It is a big pressure on us and it is a lot of work, but somehow we manage to be good at most roles.
  • If you could choose anybody, who would you spend a day with?
Maybe my great-grandma. She died when I was younger, but she is still my inspiration. She had a good soul and the kindest heart. I wish I could have spent more time with her.
  • If there would be a film of your life who would play your part?
I would like to say Kate Winslet or Emilia Clarke, not because they are similar, but I find them inspirational. They are real, lovable women, also funny and beautiful.
  • How do you handle stress?
Running in the fresh air always helps me distress. I can think through my problems or I can run out my anger. It makes me feel stronger and more confident… and also keeps me fit.


  • Recommend a…
…a book to read: Müller Péter: Szeretetkönyv
…a film to watch: Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts
…a song to listen to: KT Tunstall – Suddenly I see

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eniko-menczel-fab-wmn-1HU: Enikot egy londoni magyar bloggertalalkozon ismertem meg meg tavaly szeptemberben. Mar elso latasra is nagyon szimpatikus volt – annyi kedvesseg es joindulat arad belole, ami mindjart magaval ragadja az embert.

Molekularis biologuskent dolgozik egy Cambridge-i laborban, ahol rak- es autoimmun betegsegek kutatasaval foglalkozik ( szamomra ez olyan fantasztikus – minden egyes nap ugy menni munkaba, hogy “ma is teszek valamit az emberisegert”). Eniko ezenkivul komoly futo (tavaly 1000 kilometert tett meg futva) es szerintem nagyszeru blogger – nagyon sok melyseg es bolcsesseg van az irasaiban. Egyebkent magyarul ir, ugyhogy az angolul nem tudok is elolvashatjak gondolatait az EGY CSESZE ENERGIA oldalon, illetve tobbet is megtudhatnak errol a csodalatos norol.



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