This week I had my birthday. Not just an ordinary one, but a birthday that made me feel like some new era is in order to bloom. It was different for so many reasons. I didn’t make a fuss over turning 30, then 31 and 32 felt like a very hip, “I’m-almost-still-in-my-twenties” kind of thing. But 33 hit me a bit. It feels closer to 35, which is so close to 40, which is half of a lifetime already…(I know, 40 is still cool, but let me just panic a bit, thank you very much).

So, after successfully freaking myself out I decided to let the emotions flow through me, and as they eventually passed there was this clear sense of becoming a grown-up (some might say I had already been one for a while, but they don’t fool me). I’m not sure what time it happened, whether close to midnight, probably I slept through the process, but when waking up on the morning of my birthday I actually felt it, THE change, THE shift from being 32 to 33.

Would you like a piece of my knowledge I’ve hoarded by turning 33? Here’s my precious (and long) list (so please keep reading):

  1. Learn to like and eventually to love yourself – you are the person you spend the most time of your life with, so you better like who you are (with).
  2. It is OK to not have kids still and…
  3. … it is also very much OK if you are not even sure whether you want kids at all.
  4. Hydration is key inside and outside.
  5. Don’t procrastinate saying “I love you” and/or “I’m sorry”
  6. Compliment others and yourself, too
  7. Sugar is not your friend
  8. When drinking alcohol drink a glass of water for every shot/pint/whatever you have – your body will thank you the next day
  9. Step out of your comfort zone (a freaky one, I know)
  10. Work on that orgasm if it (or actually you) does not come easy, but just make sure you have it
  11. Death is part of life
  12. It is OK to feel sad/down sometime and…
  13. … it is more OK to seek for help when you are depressed
  14. Having a therapist (whether you have mental health issues or not) is a must – therapy helps you to know yourself and make huge changes
  15. Your parents can be your great friends
  16. Appreciate what you’ve achieved, how far you’ve come
  17. Keep in touch
  18. Have flowers in your home
  19. Take pictures, snap stories – you’ll love looking back on those moments later, but…
  20. …also enjoy the moment
  21. Your bedroom is for sleeping and sex – do not work there (unless you are completing point No 10…)
  22. Celebrate your birthday, it is a fantastic day and all yours
  23. Be generous with hugs
  24. Read a lot (not just FB posts, but actual books and my blog, of course)
  25. Make sure you go for the regular cancer screenings
  26. Meditate or just slow down
  27. It is OK to have some grey hair (you are getting mature)
  28. Take care of the Earth, of nature
  29. Eat greens
  30. It is OK to change your mind
  31. Be patient with yourself and others
  32. Your past does not predict your future
  33. You are already fabulous just the way you are. It is your path, your story, and you are exactly where you need to be right now!

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6 thoughts on “33 FACTS AS I TURN 33

  1. 33 likes for this post.In few month this “shift” is waiting for me too,and I definitely agree with every single point.So happy birthday and enjoy the 33th year 😘💐🍰🍰🍰🍰

  2. Happy belated Birthday! I “weirded out” at 29. And have since gone beyond that number quite a bit. You will find your groove. XO

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