ENG: This story has its roots in 2013, when we went to Oludeniz and enjoyed/survived a bunch of things there. I made a diary of it, and gradually been sharing it on the blog – literally gradually, it is 2016 now, and I still haven’t finished. So, this post is about my paragliding adventure...

The fourth morning woke me with its 6 am scheduled prayer. There was a tiny mosque nearby from where we could clearly hear the muezzin’s wonderful calling. I didn’t mind this, of course, however I did get frustrated with the “pool-scratcher” every single morning around this time. I just wanted to have a relaxing morning, getting me into a prefect mood for our paragliding.

During breakfast I noted that my brain had already been releasing adrenaline. I had jumped before, I knew what to expect, but I couldn’t help being nervous – this time in a good way. My darling was about to share the same adventure, so I wasn’t alone experiencing cold sweat, he just hided it better. The plan was to meet our agent at 10:30, got up the “hill” in half an hour, to jump at 11:00 and to land at 11:30. That was the ideal version, here’s what happened instead of:

At 10:30 we checked in being ready to jump. For the next half an hour we waited on a bench, while ten Turkish men were doing business around without even noticing us. Finally one waved to follow him. We staggered along to a crater – apparently that was a car park, where another fellow pointed out a very definite place for us to wait at. It was the only shadow around and he wanted to make sure our brains did not get boiled.

anamiblog, babadah, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday
Notice the realization on our faces…

In a couple of minutes the first man showed up in a – let’s just call it a minivan, and finally the instructors joined us as well. We curiously noted that Turkish men absolutely hear each other from various points across the town, no matter the distance. Literally, there was this first guy, who passed another on his way and by the time we got to the car park they were still talking (aka shouting). Then the instructors got involved, plus the car park attendant, creating such a buzz and noise, as if it was peek time at the stock exchange. We were still standing in our allocated shadow spot, laughing out loud that life had yet again offered us an authentic experience. Boy, had we knew what awaited us still!

On a sign we loaded ourselves into the “minibus”, while the men kicked in the parachutes – this “professional” handling made me question the whole idea of jumping. The oldest greeted us, introduced himself and asked where we were from. I said I was Hungarian, which information lit him up in a nanosecond, calling me a Madarista, so from that on I used that word, too. He informed us that we needed to pick up two more kamikazes before heading up the mountain. Finally we set off…

Our vehicle was more of a dying tin on wheels than a proper means of transport not even suitable for short distances on smooth roads, let alone a serpentine up the steepest mountain. It was shaking and making weird noises even on a flat surface, I didn’t see it taking us up to the top of Babadag.

After a while we stopped at a hotel, where the driver turned the car over with some death-defying courage next to a precipice – to put it nicely it made us worry a little. It took another half an hour for all the men NOT to find those two other passengers, so we drove to a place they called the central meeting point. It’s funny how it was NOT that at all.

In fact, it was a small off-license in someone’s yard surrounded by living conditions I had never encountered other than on TV before. I absolutely enjoyed the situation and the atmosphere – even dared to use the toilet at the back. This was actually just a hypothetical outdoor bathroom, a bricked toilet with a loose door which was kept in place with a giant brick, but it was just a conceptual solution, as it was impossible to neither close the door nor move it at all. I dared myself to go in and do my business – standing in water up to my ankle that was flowing out from the toilet tank. What an experience!

The team was having a bite – to describe it politely, one of them kindly offered us some Red Bull, which we kindly refused already had reached our most excited condition ever possible (so we thought). It was 11:45 (after our scheduled landing time) when the other couple arrived acting insolently cool, like it was the most natural thing on Earth to be that late. Everyone got into the car again and we were on our way in no time. That took approximately until the next corner, where we stopped at a shanty (apparently a “bus stop”) full of the local free loading male entities heavily gesticulating at us. One and all shoved themselves into the minibus making it a moving hullabaloo.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

By 12:00 we reached the foot of the mountain, where we got through a probably pointless security check, then headed up immediately. Now, so far we had been aware of the driving “skills” of our guide, but we did not see coming what we got going up the winding mountain road. It was pretty clear for us just after minutes of that near death experience that the only possible way down the hill was jumping off the cliff. There was no way we were ever going to sit in this animal’s car again. Ever!

It might have been half way between the pike and death, when I smelled something strange, like petrol (no, it was not fart). I didn’t say a word assuming it was just another treat being part of the deal, but after a while everybody could smell it, so we stopped. Half the men popped up the bonnet staring inside with empty looks, while the other half was looking for some rocks to place under the tires in order for the car to slide downhill slower. This was the very moment when I gently started to hyperventilate.

anamiblog, babadah, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

On careful reflections (that felt like forever) they enlightened us about the problem – petrol had been splashing onto the engine, so naturally we couldn’t carry on. Now, that was the last straw for me. The instructors emptied the van, while we were standing there driven to despair. Suddenly another van appeared, but we could not fit on, as all the free loaders, one instructor and the couple squeezed themselves on. This is how we got stuck in the middle of nowhere, 2 hours walking distance into each direction.

All the buses passing by were loaded full leaving us with no hope at all. After weighting my options I gave in and decided to make the most of the situation. Amazing surroundings, beautiful sunshine, and fresh air – while others just rush through this unique scenery, we had been given the opportunity to fully enjoy it. This zen state of mine lasted exactly 20 minutes, when we run out of things to enjoy.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

Out instructors on the other hand were full of energy (thanks to all the Red Bulls earlier) and joy which inspired them to start recording our misery, ensuring us how cool it was going to look later. By this time my body had gotten totally worn out by all the excitement going on since early morning, plus I could feel my blood pressure falling, leaving my brain function somewhat limited. Needless to say I was no longer in any mood to jump.

anamiblog, babadah, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

Finally the mechanic arrived and warmed up the van. Despite being reluctant to get in I did anyway, Tom reassuring me about the very low chances of getting blown up. The real adventure, however, was still ahead of us. After an hour of waiting and starving we set off for another extreme race with deathly sharp bends, which I wouldn’t feel comfortable even walking on.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

The van slipped ominously at every corner and gear change, the road was barely wide enough for one car, the precipice endless around –  I had never felt such fear in my entire life. It took us a while to get up to the mountain top where a stunning view lied in front of us, or rather underneath – we were 2000 m above Oludeniz. Grabbing my last chance before the jump I headed to the toilet – just on time when a woman fainted in front of my eyes. My darling gave me some chocolate, so I didn’t end up the same way, then we both got ready to take off.

Tom and his instructor left quite quickly, they were in the air within minutes. For me life still had some adrenaline rushes before letting me go from Babadag. I got myself into position on the “runway”, which by the way was so steep that it literally led into nothing – you either jump off or that is it. At least it looked like that, apparently there was another option. Those jumping before us crashed onto the rocks – again, in front of my eyes. Fortunately, everyone survived – my instructor ran to help them, while I was trying to keep myself alive after all this shock and stress. I guess my pulse set a new record and I had aged around 10 years since 10:30 am.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday
I was cold, so he gave me his jumper…

Eventually, we managed to take off as well. As a last minute nuance I slid a bit too much to the front in my strap, making myself to awkwardly hang rather than sit. My guy pulled me back into position and we finally started to fly. Long minutes had passed until I regained my presence of mind, noting the instructor’s effort to peel my insisting fingers off the handles. With a laugh he opened my arms telling me to relax. I obeyed and surrendered to freedom. It was fantastic up there, the ultimate peace!

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

My guy flew us through some clouds while still getting higher 500-600 m, and showed me how to navigate. It was all fun, until he started recording me, which required nonstop smiling, high-fiving and posing. After 20-30 minutes we started our landing. It was a good thing I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, otherwise I would have probably fed the fish… He started a set of extreme maneuvers that felt like being in a twister. I was upside-down and back for minutes, couldn’t even say a word, nor ask him to stop. Apparently he took it as me enjoying it very much, as after landing he told me he did some extra turning up there just for me. Yay.

Eventually we got back to earth – Tom had been waiting for us to capture the essence of the moment. The result is a bunch of hilarious photos of me never ever to be published – an hour after landing I was still shaking. It was the most stressful holiday ever!

Catch up on part 1 (the journey), 2 (the hotel), 3 (the morning after), 4 (the adventure) , 5(snorkeling), 6(Turkish Bath) & 7(we got engaged)




HU: Ez az utolso sztorim az oludenizi nyaralasunkrol (talan a leghosszabb is) – arrol, hogyan eltem meg/tul a sikloernyozest…

A negyedik napon is a menetrendszeri reggeli misere ebredtem. A kozelben van egy aprocska mecset, melybol a muezin minden reggel imara hivja a hivoket (ezt a nap folyaman persze tobbszor is megteszi, csak azt mar nem hallani a varos zajatol). Ez kb 6 ora tajban tortenik, amikoris felkomasan megkeresem a fuldugoimat es tokeletes kezmozdulatokkal szemelyre szabom oket. Az imat nem banom, mert igy a tavolbol is csodalatosan es kulonlegesen hangzik, de mar eszrevettem, hogy valaki ilyentajt elkezdi az orrunk alatt levo medencet is surolni, ami nem egy kellemes elmeny. Egyebkent is izgatott voltam a betervezett sikloernyozes miatt, ugyhogy szerettem volna kipihenni magam.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

A reggeli alatt mar ereztem, hogy elindult bennem az adrenalin kepzes. Ugrottam mar, tudtam mi var ram, megis “dolgozott bennem az ideg” (felvideki gyongyszem/szohasznalat). Dragam is elhatarozta, hogy ugrik velem, igy nem voltam egyedul a drukkal. A terv szerint 10:30-kor jelentkezunk az ugynoknel, fel ora alatt felvisznek minket a hegyre, 11-kor ugrunk es 11:30 korul landolunk. Ez volt az idealis verzio, ehelyett a kovetkezo tortent:

Fel 11-kor jelentkeztunk, hogy hello, ittvagyunk ugrasra keszen. Kb tiz torok ferfi fel-ala jarkalva bizniszelt korulottunk az elkovetkezendo fel oraban. Vegre egy intett, hogy kovessuk. Elbotorkaltunk a parkoloig, ami inkabb hasonlitott egy okori romvarosra, majd egy masik torok ferfi az ujjaval precizen mutatta (jo, hogy korbe nem rajzolta), hogy ITT varjunk es csakis itt, az arnyekban. Par perc mulva megjelent az elozo foszer egy minibusszal (maradjunk annyiban, hogy egy konzervdoboz volt csampas kerekeken) es elokerultek az instruktorok is az ernyokkel.

Megfigyeltuk, hogy a torok ferfiak koreben ritka a mobiltelefon es most mar azt is tudjuk, hogy miert. Ok abszolut jol halljak egymast a varos kulonbozo pontjainak tavolsagabol is. Szo szerint megy az ember, bekoszon a masiknak, mar 5 perce elment mellette, de meg mindig beszelgetnek (vagyis uvoltenek egymas utan). Igy kommunikalt korulottunk a sofor, a parkoloor, negy instruktor, meg akinek anno beintettek. Kozben teljesen nyugodtan elsetalt mellettunk ket kutya, mi meg alltunk becsuletesen az arnyekban es rohogtunk, hogy megint itt az autentika.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

Jelszora beultunk a kocsiba, mig a tobbiek nagyon professzionalisan berugdostak az ernyoket az ulesekre (itt kisse megkerdojeleztem az egesz ugrasi szandekomat, de mar keso volt). A legidosebb koszontott bennunket, kerdezte, hogy honnan vagyunk. Mondom, hogy Hungary (francnak volt kedve kezzel-labbal magyarazni a magyarvagyokdeszlovakiaboljottem tortenetet), mire o, hogy “aa, madzsariszta”, meg akkor mi testverek vagyunk (szerintem ok nem is sejtik, hogy mi elnyomaskent eltuk meg  a torok idoket). Innen mar en is csak igy mutatkoztam be, szemlatomast itt azt szeretik. Felvilagositottak, hogy meg megallunk ket tovabbi szereploert, aztan irany a hegyteto.

Vegre valahara elindultunk. A kocsi sima uton is intenziven szet akart szakadni, elore “orultunk”, hogy mi lesz meg a hegyen felfele. Megalltunk valami hotelnel, ahol a sofor bacsi nagyon mereszen, halalfelelmet nem ismerve tert meg a szakadek szelen. Egy kicsit kezdtunk aggodni, hogy valoban jo otlet-e ez az egesz. Fel orat tartott a negy instruktornek NEM megtalalni a masik ket ugrot, igy atkocsikaztunk valami kozponti varohelyre – legalabbis nekunk ezt mondtak. Ami tenylegesen tortent, hogy elvittek minket egy csaladi hazhoz, ahol az eddigi legtorokebb latvany fogadott.

Szana-szejjel potyogva minden, de ok ott elnek es virulnak. Abszolut elveztem a dolgot, meg vecere is elmereszkedtem, ami egy csallokozi “gagyibudka” (a magyarul maskepp beszelok kedveert ertsd: kinti WC) kibetonozott valtozata volt, az ajto egy emberes teglaval kitamasztva, merthogy magatol nem marad nyitva, de igazabol becsukni sem lehet. Bokaig elmerulve a vecetartalybol kifolyo vizben vegeztem dolgom, majd becsuletesen kezet mostam, mig elol a lugasnal a ferfiak serenyen tomtek a fejuket.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

Az egyik hozott nekunk par energiaitalt, mondtuk, hogy koszonjuk, de mi most igy nem kontraznank ra az egyebkent is idegfeszito jelenre. 11:45 volt, mikor megjelent a parocska, akikre vartunk. Hipp-hopp beszalltunk a verdaba es maris szaguldottunk tovabb. Az egyik sarkon megalltunk egy osszetakolt bodenal (aka helyi buszmegallo), ahol a falu kanjai potyazasra varakoztak. Aki csak befert felszallt kozenk, mindez folyamatos pofazas, nevetes es egymasnak uvoltozes kozepette zajlott. Hihetetlen mennyit birnak ezek a ferfiak pletykazni! Tomassal megintcsak osszeneztunk, es orultunk a joszerencsenknek, hogy nem unatkozunk.

12-kor elertunk a hegy labanal levo kapuhoz, ott abszolvaltunk egy gyors ellenorzest, majd hajtottunk tovabb. Na, ekkor kezdtuk igazan felfogni a dolog sulyossagat: olyan orult kocsikazasba kezdett a torok kamikaze soforunk a szerpentinen, hogy gombostut nem lehetett volna felszurni a fenekembe. Par perc halalfutam utan vilagossa valt szamunkra, hogy ezek utan egyetlen modja van csak a tulelesnek es hazajutasnak, ha leugrunk a hegyrol, mert meg egyszer be nem ulunk e moge az allat moge, az hotziher.

Feluton lehettunk a hegyteto es a halal fele, amikor valami megcsapta az orrom (nem, nem puki volt). Nem szoltam semmit, gondoltam, hogy itt ez is normalis, de nem telt bele sok ido es masok is megereztek a szagot, igy rogton meg is alltunk. Motorhazteto fel, 5 torok ferfi bamulta minden hozzaertes nelkul a kocsi belsosegeit, mig a tobbiek sziklat kerestek a kerekek ala, hogy azert ne guruljunk annyit visszafele. En ezalatt elkezdtem kicsit hiperventillalni. Hosszas tanakodas utan felvilagositottak bennunket, hogy frocskol a benzin a motorba, ugyhogy most megpihenunk. Na, nekem itt telt be a pohar!


A sracok kipakoltak mindent es mindenkit a buszbol az ut szelere. Alltunk ott a dragammal, en egyik ketsegbol estem a masikba, mire megjelent egy masik busz. Mar kezdtem orulni, hogy megmenekultunk, de sajnos megsem ez volt a helyzet. A parocska szemtelenul felszallt, meg meg egy instruktor feltuszkolta magat ernyostul. Mi a tobbiekkel ottmaradtunk petrezselymet arulni feluton a semmi kozepen, mindket iranyba kb 2 oranyira barminemu civilizaciotol. Csak remelni tudtuk, hogy majd minket is felvesz egy busz, de az osszes arra jaro csordultig meg volt tomve, igy megadtuk magunkat a sorsnak.

Letelepedtunk a poros ut szelen es vartuk a csodat. Az instruktorok halali nyugalommal folytattak a letezest, neha felenk vetettek egy-egy egyutterzo pillantast. Nemi szamotvetest kovetoen elfogadtam a helyzetet, es a magam modjan kezdtem ertekelni a pillanat nyujtotta lehetoseget. Gyonyoru taj, friss levego, napsutes – mig masok csak atsuhannak ezen a festoi reszen nekunk lehetosegunk adatott kozelebbrol is kielvezni. Kb 20 perc meditativ allapot utan azonban elfogyott a neznivalo, es visszaestunk a nyugtalansag godrebe.

A kedves instruktorok kozben videozni kezdtek minket, meg a helyzetet, merthogy az milyen jol mutat majd es lesz mire emlekezni. Nekem ekkor mar a vernyomasom erezhetoen kezdett sullyedni, ugye nem ettem sokat, az is reggel volt, igy engem mar nemcsak a memoriam, hanem ugy altalaban az egeszseges agymukodesem is aggasztott. Annyira lefaradtunk a sok izgalomtol es varakozastol, hogy mar az ugrastol is elment a kedvunk.

anamiblog, babadag, oludeniz, paragliding, turkish holiday

Vegre az egyik ferfi jelentette, hogy jon a segitseg, a szerelo mar uton van. Nemsokara meg is erkezett es hosszas butykoles utan ujra eletet lehelt a gepezetbe. Ockodva bar, de beszalltam a kocsiba, dragam “megnyugtatott”, hogy fel nem robbanunk, legfeljebb megint leall az auto – nekem mar zsibbadt az agyam, igy jobbnak lattam szotfogadni. Az igazi kaland meg csak ezutan kovetkezett.

Egy ora varakozas utan megkezdtuk a halalfutam masodik epizodjat, mely meg meredekebb utat, meg orultebb szaguldast jelentett. Olyan kanyarok vartak rank Babadag, a hegy felsobb reszen, hogy gyalogszerrel is meggondolnam hogyan vegyem be. Alkalomadtan kisiklott a farunk, sebessegvaltasnal pedig mindig csusztunk egy kicsit visszafele. En meg ugy eletemben soha nem feltem (meg panikrohamok alatt sem).

Nagy nehezen felertunk a tetore, ahol hihetetlen latvany fogadott: 2000 meter magasbol tarult elem Oludeniz, a hegyek, a laguna es a tenger kekje ezer arnyalataval. Meg gyorsan elszaladtam elintezni kis dolgomat – pont “jokor”, egy no epp akkor lett rosszul. Mit mondjak, nem segitett a lelki nyugalmam megorzeseben. Dragam hozott nekem egy csokit, nehogy en is osszecsusszak, majd mindketten rakeszultunk az ugrasra.

Tomasek eleg gyorsan el is startoltak, percek alatt a levegoben siklottak. Nekem meg kijutott par adrenalin adag a felszallas elott. Felvettem a start poziciot az eszmeletlenul meredek palyan, amely szo szerint a semmibe torkollott. Haromszor indultunk neki, valahogy egyszer sem volt koser a nekifutas, illetve harmadszorra a terep legeslegszelen torpantunk meg, merthogy az elottunk ugrok lezuhantak. Az instruktorom szaladt segiteni, mig en probaltam nem szornyethalni a sokktol, az idegessegtol es az ehsegtol. Hala Istennek mindenki tulelte epsegben, mi is ujra nekivetemedtunk a startnak. Nekem mar vegem volt, mint a botnak (egy ujabb felvideki hangulatot erzekelteto frazis), a pulzusom rekordot dontott, eveket oregedtem reggel 10:30 ota.

Vegre eljott a pillanat a kello fuvallattal es start, eloszor seta, aztan eszeveszett rohanas, egyszercsak hopp, mar fel is kapott minket a szel. Egy kis bonusz elmeny, ha mindezidaig nem lett volna eleg: tulsogasan elorecsusztam a “zsakomban”, s mire megkezdtuk a siklast ugy logtam, mint egy marionett babu a zsinoron, mire kedves utitarsam sikeresen visszahelyezett az ulesbe. Hosszu percek teltek el, mig visszanyertem a lelekjelenletem. A torok fiu nevetve fejtette le gorcsos ujjaim a fogantyukrol, majd szettarta a karjaim mondvan, hogy “relax”. En szotfogadtam, es vegre atadtam magamat a teljes szabadsag erzesenek.

Fantasztikus elmeny odefent, suvit a szel, en repulok szabadon, mint egy madar. Feltornaztuk magunkat meg vagy 600 metert, atrepultunk egy-ket felhon, felelmetesen jo volt. “Megtanultam” en magam is jobbra-balra evickelni az ernyovel. Kedves baratom elovarazsolta kamerajat, majd folyamatosan videozott, fotozott, ami engem kisse zavart, mert nonstop pozolni “kellett”, nem hagyott beken (raadasul az orrom is csurgott, no komment).

Kb 20-30 percet szarnyaltunk a magasban, miutan megkezdtuk a landolast. Az egy kulon show volt, jo, hogy nem ettem reggel ota semmit, mert kulonben megetettem volna a halakat. Olyan manoverezesbe kezdett az ember, hogy percekig azt sem tudtam hol vagyok, szolni meg plane nem birtam, amit o egi jelnek vett, es meg rakontrazott az egeszre. Landolas utan mondta is, hogy csak a kedvemert csinalta… Na, de csak foldetertunk, Tomas mar keszenallt a fotozasra, csinalt is par rohejes kepet rolam. Meg vagy egy orat remegtem landolas utan,  mire magamhoz tertem – igazi all inclusive James Bond elmeny volt (merthogy Daniel Craig is innen ugrott egyszer).

OLVASD EL A TOBBI RESZT IS:  1 (az utazas), 2 (a hotel), 3 (az elso reggel), 4 (a kaland), 5 (buvarkodok), 6(torok furdo) & 7(lanykeres)


  1. 😀 ….komolyan mondom ugy ereztem, h en is veled repultem,….rendkivul szorakoztato volt …foleg a gep elott ulve 😀

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