ENG: This exciting place is just 5 min walk from Liverpool station, full of treasure and delicious food. There has been a market on the site for over 350 years, today it is the place where arts&crafts meet fashion and food. One can always discover something new, as opposed to Camden market, which has become quite boring, dirty with decreasing quality the past couple of years (that is my personal opinion only, although there are some good designer shops at the very back, rarely at sight).

It is open seven days a week, however the weekend, especially Saturday is my fave day, when you’ll find original clothing, accessories, homewares and ethical goods, coming from up to 88 independent designers for the Spitalfields Saturday Style Market (open between 11am – 5pm).


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HU: Ez a szuper izgalmas piac csupan 5 percnyi setara van a Liverpool metroallomastol, tele kincsekkel es inycsiklandozo etelekkel. Immaron 350 eve ad helyet ez a terulet piacoknak, ma a Spitalfield Market talalhato itt, a piac, ahol a kreativitas es az iparmuveszet karoltve jar a divattal es a gasztronomiaval. Itt mindig talalni valami ujat, van felfedeznivalo, nem ugy mint Camden Town-ban, ami mara igencsak elcsepeltte, unalmassa valt (kiveve a piac leghatso reszen talalhato 1-2 dizajner regisegboltot).

A Spitalfields piac egesz heten nyitva tart, megis szamomra a szombat a kedvenc nap, amikoris kimondottan a stilusrol szol minden – 88 stand kinal egyedi, muveszi, minoseges portekat.

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