ENG: Spring is sneaking upon us – or at least I’d like to believe so, which means that I can finally pull out my spring coats, and have lighter outfits when going out. Today I am sharing one of my work outfits (plus you can see how I look after a long day of working) – I’m always aiming for a comfortable style, as traveling through the city can be exhausting, while carrying around my bags (I have several on me). This is a bit boyish, oversized and extra comfy, while still remains chic in a sense. It took me a while to appreciate patterns, I used to feel awkward wearing them, but not I love these trousers. How do you feel about patterns?

anamiblog, outfit, london blogger, made in slovakia

HU: Lassan Londont is eleri a tavasz, legalabbis szeretnem azt hinni, mert jo lenne vegre tavaszi kabatokat hordani es konnyebb outfiteket viselni anelkul, hogy megfazzon az ember. Ma az egyik munkai outfitemet mutatom meg (plussz azt is lathatjatok, hogy is nezek ki egy munkanap vegen)  – altalaban a kenyelmesen stilusos koncepciot reszesitem elonyben, eleg faraszto tud lenni a nagyvarosi utazgatas. Ez az outfit kicsit fius, tulmeretezett es extra kenyelmes, ugyanakkor meg mindig sikkes. Eltartott egy ideig, amig megbaratkoztam a mintak viselesevel, szeretem oket, de magamon nehez volt elkepzelni. Te hogy vagy ezzel? Hordasz mintas dolgokat?

anamiblog, work outfit, london blogger, made in slovakiaanamiblog 2

Heels – Deichmann // Trousers – H&M // Shirt – Uniqlo // Jacket – New Yorker // Bag – New Look // Necklace – Piaanamiblog 3anamiblog 5anamiblog, work outfit, london blogger, made in slovakia




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