ENG: Spotted these gorgeous mustard trainers while walking in Shoreditch. First I just walked by establishing eye-contact, then on my way back I had to pop into the place. Actually it was a men’s shop, but trainers are unisex these days, aren’t they. So, I tried them on, and before I could say a word hubby paid the bill. Well, he is spoiling me every way he can…

anamiblog, nike internationalist, london streetstyle

HU: Shoreditch-ben lattam meg ezt a par mustar cipot – eloszor csak elsetaltam az uzlet elott, ugyhogy a szemkontaktusnal tovabb nem jutottam. Visszafele viszont be kellett menjek a boltba, ami egyebkent ferfi divatot kinalt, de az edzocipok ugyebar viszonylag unisexek manapsag. Felprobaltam oket, s mielott barmit is mondhattam volna, dragam mar ki is fizette a szamlat. El vagyok kenyeztetve…

anamiblog, nike internationalist, london streetstyleanami nike 2

Trainers – NIKE Internationalist // Jeans – Uniqlo // Top – New Look // Coat – New Yorker // Scarf – Topmananami nike 3anami nike 4anami nike 5anami nike 6anami nike 7anami nike 8

PS: Kerlek tamogasd a blogomat a szlovakiai blogok versenyeben! A kovetkezo linken lehet szavazni:

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    1. I know, had the same thought looking at the pictures… My feet are 40/7, but at least they give me more balance, and I dont fall over that easily when heavy wind is blowing 🙂

      1. I love feet, amazing piece of our bodies and yours are beautiful. I just wanted to rib you a little. 😀
        (PS. I have that post about my fascination with feet…)

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