ENG: Stripes have become bolder and brighter this season, and they are must have in your wardrobe for the upcoming spring/summer. Whether they run vertically or horizontally (or even diagonally) you cannot go wrong with lines in your outfit. We wore them with Livi for London Fashion week, combined them with some faux fur for a hint of elegance.

lfw, london fashion week, anamiblog, outfit

HU: A csikok es vonalak feltunobbek es mereszebbek az elkovetkezendo tavaszi/nyari szezonban. Akar fuggoleges, akar vizszintes, ez a trend most nem hianyozhat a szekrenyedbol. Livivel mi is behodoltunk neki a londoni divathet alkalmabol, az outfitet pedig egy kis muszormevel tettuk elegansabba.

lfw, london fashion week, anamiblog, outfitlfw anami 2lfw anami 3

MAKE UP – LIV’S VISAGE // Boots – New Look // Dress – Boohoo // Coat – New Yorker // Scarf – Zara // Faux Fur band – Jouleslfw anami 4lfw anami 5



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