ENG: It’s been 2 years now that I discovered Miguel Gutierrez aka the @thenomadbarber on Instagram, and recommended to hubby, who was desperate to find a good barber that time. Back then he had a weekend pop up place at Brick Lane, which by now has grown into a great shop, and another one is coming soon in Berlin. Miguel still travels the world, making videos and awesome haircuts, and hubby since has been a returning customer. Last time I accompanied him to the Nomad Barber Shop, just to snap around for this post. It has a great atmosphere, a professional team, it’s been a real experience (even for me). Check out their website for bookings and Instagram for cool images and inspiration.

matt barnes photo nomad barber
Miguel // Photo credit: Matt Barnes

HU: Immaron 2 eve, hogy Instagramon felfedeztem Miguelt, a Nomad Barber-t, akit akkor rogvest ajanlottam is borbelyra vadaszo ferjecskemnek. Akkor meg csak pop-up szalonkent mukodott az egesz, ami mara egy jol meno uzlette notte ki magat. Miguel azota is folyamatosan utazik, vagja a hajakat, szakallakat vilagszerte, amirol szuper videokat, kepeket keszit, dragam pedig mar torzsvendegnek szamit a londoni szalonban. Legutobb en is elkisertem, hogy keszitsek par kepet ehhez a poszthoz -nagyon jo hangulat es professzionalisan stilusos csapat varja a vendegeket. Foglalni a weboldalukon lehet (katt IDE), ha legkozelebb Londonban jarsz biztosan ne hagyd ki Miguel boltjat! Addig is inspiralodj az Instagram es/vagy FB oldalukon.

the nomad barber shop
Photo Credit: The Nomad Barber Shop
Tomas The nomad barber
Photo credit: Miguel
the nomad barber
Photo credit: The Nomad Barber Shop

The nomad barber shop 1the nomad barber shop 2the nomad barber shop 3the nomad barber shop 4the nomad barber shop 5the nomad barber shop 6the nomad barber shop 7

the nomad barber 8


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