ENG: There is this fantastic place in Budapest called the ROOMS – YOUR PHOTO PLACE, which is not only a studio in a ususal sense. It is a set of room moduls all furnished and decorated creating a romantic and sophisticated space, where photoshooting is a dream come true.

Using the space and its props as you wish you can not only take fab images in there, but also make a video, host workshops, events, get ready on your wedding day, or even host the reception there.

Our beauty contest team and the finalists have spent a day in the Rooms, and finally I can show you some backstage images. (Image credit to Liv´s Visage and Horen team)

HU:  Van Budapestem egy csuda szep fotozasi ter, ahol kompromisszumok nelkul keszithet az ember varazslatos kepeket. A ROOMS- YOUR PHOTO PLACE egy tobb helyisegbol allo, kifinomultan berendezett helyszin, ahol a kepek mellett videot is lehet forgatni, workshopot tartani, vagy akar az eskuvo napjan itt is keszulodhet a menyasszony.

A Karpatok Szepe csapata es a dontos lanyok nemreg egy egesz napot toltottek itt, amirol vegre par kepet is mutathatok nektek. (A kepekert koszononet a Liv´s Visage-nak es a Horen csapatanak)

karpatok szepe rooms 1

karpatok szepe rooms 9karpatok szepe rooms 10karpatok szepe rooms 11karpatok szepe rooms 12

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