ENG: It is that time of the year, when resolutions and big plans are in order. If you are anything like me the process of setting new goals and working out details fills you with joy and excitement.

For 2 years now I have the perfect tools for creating a fab new year with Leonie Dawson’s planner books. As I love writing things down and appreciate the art of pen and paper these planners are not only super useful, but also so much fun to fill out.

After celebrating and releasing the old/current year your journey of establishing your shining year in life/business begins. These planners sing to you not just through their colourful illustrations, but also wispers the wisdom of the soul every women need and should have.

More about Leonie and her goddess books:

HU: Ha hiszed, ha nem, mar megint itt az ev vege, ami a nagy tervek es fogadalmak idoszaka is. Mindig izgalommal tolt el az uj otletek, celok atgondolasa, kidolgozasa. Immaron 2 eve segitom is van Leonie Dawson csodalatos tervezo konyvei formajaban.

Igaz ugyan, hogy angolul jelennek csak meg, de ha beszeled a nyelvet erdemes beszerezni valamelyiket, mert nemcsak konnyeden vezet ra celjaid megformalasara, de hatekony modszereket is nyujt azok megvalositasahoz. Mindemellett nagyon szines, nagyon vidam es folyekonyan beszeli minden, bennunk elo istenno nyelvet.

Tovabbi info:

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