ENG: Dear Darling Hearts,

how are you? How’s your week been so far? Did you do anything fun for Halloween?

Mine was confusing, as apparently I am scary even without dramatic make-up – just as I am. Opening the door to some trick-or-treating kids wearing a towel turban (just washed my hair), my glasses and my all-day-on-the-sofa-outfit seemed to be a perfect Halloween costume resembling a virago. I slowly sticked my head out from behind the door just to find a group of scared faces wearing skeleton masks, because obviously I was the more scary one. Excuse me kids, my fault. (HERE is Halloween from last year at Natinstablog’s super party)

Probably how I must have looked to them

This week has been super busy, moving offices and endless files, while falling behind with duties and blogging. There have also been some very chauvinist comments, projecting issues with women onto me, as I am the only one of “that species” in the office right now.


This weekend I am spending with some bookkeeping, as hubby is away. Just had my oats and fruits, did my daily mediation (right now I am doing Deepak Chopra’s challenge) and now planning to go for a big walk, but as I look to the garden it seems to be cats and dogs, so I guess gym it is.


Let me know if you are into meditation as well, and how you deal/react when encountering silly notes degrading women!

Wishing you a great weekend,

Anami, xx

HU: Sziasztok csillagviragok,

hogy vagytok? Hogy telik a het? Csinaltatok valami mulatsagosat Halloween-ra?

Az enyem felvilagosito jellegu volt, merthogy kiderult en remito maszk nelkul, termeszetes allapotomban is ijesztobb vagyok, mint a kisminkelt, csontvaznak oltozott gyerekek. Volt batorsagom torolkozobe csavart hajjal, szemuvegben es az egesz-nap-a-kanapen-tespedos outfitemben ajtot nyitni, mire 3 gyerek ijedten meredt ram, arcukra fagyott mosollyal. En kerek elnezest… (nezd meg a tavalyi Halloween partit)

Eleg suru hetem van/volt, nemreg irodat csereltunk, szinte egyedul koltoztettem az egeszet, ugyhogy jocskan lemaradtam a munkahelyi feladatokkal es a blogolassal is. Volt par soviniszta beszolas is a heten munkaban – ugy tunik egyetlen nokent az irodaban rajtam csattannak egyesek,a nok ellen altalaban iranyulo szemelyes feszultsegei, negativ beidegzodesei.

A hetveget konyvelessel toltom, dragam elutazott. Epp az iment reggeliztem, meditaltam (most Deepak Chopra programjat csinalom), meg setalok egy nagyot, aztan irany a munka. Bar, ahogy igy elnezem eleg nyomorult ido van kint, ugyhogy valoszinuleg csak az edzoteremig megyek a park helyett.

Ti szerettek meditalni? Van esetleg vlmi kedvenc ritualetok hozza? Arra is kivancsi vagyok, hogy mikepp reagaltok/birkoztok meg egy esetleges noket degradalo szemellyel/kommentel.

Csodaszep hetveget kivanok,

Anami, xx




  1. I liked reading this post and getting to know more about you and your life…I dont meditate though I should with the amount of stress piling on me these days! But I am at least trying to do more exercise….I am not dealing with any chauvinistic pricks at the moment at work…perhaps one of the ways to handle them is to kill them with professionalism, kindness and doing great work, coz then they will see that you are better than them and they need you, ha! Ps I love that postcard! have a good wk! x

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