ENG: As an opening to celebrate the London Design Festival I visited the Ralph Lauren showroom at 1 New Bond Street to preview the Fall Collection. Every time I am there I am unconsciously looking for Rachel (you know, from Friends), only to realise that she could not possibly be there.

This time I invited along Orsolya, a Hungarian journalist/blogger ( who I had never met before, but been reading her blog for a while. She visited for the Design and Fashion week, and I was glad she could fit this event into her busy schedule. We both indulged in some champagne, talked about our London life and discovered all three of the new collections.

The WEST VILLAGE is Ralph’s vision of the perfect loft – at least that’s what the lovely sales assistant told us (also, this was her secret favourite). It is very classic American, and a bit masculine, but not as much as the PENTHOUSE SUITE. This is full of leather and fur, a bit too much and dark for my taste, but perfect for a bachelor pad. My favorite, though, was the WINTER HARBOUR. Dreamy, extremely cosy – saw myself curling up in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate in the set.

And just to be up-to-date, according to the news as of today, after 50 years Ralph Lauren has stepped down as the CEO of the company he founded, enlisting Stefan Larsson to replace his position, ending an era, while still remaining one of the most iconic American fashion designers.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2015, new bond street

HU: A londoni dizajn het unnepleset a Ralph Lauren New Bond Street-i showroomjaban kezdtem. Meghivtak az oszi enterior kollekcio bemutatojara, ahova magammal vittem egy magyar ujsagirot/bloggert is, Orsolyat ( Most eloszor talalkoztunk, de kozos temaban nem volt hiany – par pohar pezsgo mellett megbeszeltuk a londoni elmenyeinket, mikozben vegigjartuk a  showroomot is.

3 kollekcio kerult bemutatasra – a WEST VILLAGE Ralph vizioja a tokeletes loft lakasrol. Nagyon klasszikusan amerikai, kisse maszkulin, de nem annyira, mint a PENTHOUSE SUITE. Ez utobbi markansan sotet szinvilagu, uraljak a bor es szorme kiegeszitok, texturak, tokeletes egy szingli pasi otthonaba. Az en szemelyes kedvencem a WINTER HARBOUR szett volt, ami egy teli kabinba illo dizajn, szinte lattam magam a kandallo elott forro csokit szurcsolve kuckozni az egesz napos sieles utan.

Hogy naprakesz is legyek, a legfrisebb hirek szerint Ralph Lauren 50 evnyi cegvezetes utan lemondott poziciojarol, Stefan Larsson-nak atadva azt. Ezzel mindenkeppen uj fejezet nyilik a marka eleteben, mig Ralph orokre megmarad az egyik legikonikusabb amerikai divat dizajnernek.

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