ENG: People usually reflect on their life at the end of the year, but it is always a pleasure to take count of something one achieved. This is what I’m doing now.

Last year I made a resolution of walking 2014 km in a year, and I’m happy to announce that I did it. To keep track of my data I bought myself a pedometer, which turned out to be a brilliant tool for my health improvement. It is so easy: I wake up, I clip my pedometer to my top, and remove it at the end of the day.

2014 km might seem a lot at first, but if you break it down it is about 5,5 km a day, which is really achievable (some regular runners might laugh at it out loud, though). Not being much of a working-out person it was challenging at first, but once  I put my mind into it walking and moving in general became natural, and my body requested it more and more. To be exact, I did …. km, and I am still counting. The most I did in a day was 19 km, shopping on Oxford street with a friend, but perhaps the most important of all was when I walked down the aisle (btw, I didn’t have my pedometer on for that one).
For this year I am aiming to establish some more healthy habits, of which I will definitely write here.
In the meanwhile tell me your health tips!
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HU: Altalaban az emberek ev vegen szamolnak el a dolgokkat, en ezt megis most teszem. Szerintem mindig jo erzes, ha az ember veghezvisz valamit, eler egy kituzott celt.
Tavaly megigertem magamnak, hogy egy ev alatt lesetalok 2014 km-t. Buszken jelentem, hogy ez sikerult! A fejlodesemet egy lepesmerovel tartottam szamon, ami egyebkent egy fantasztikus beruhazasnak minosult. Hihetetlen egyszeru a hasznalata: reggel felcsippantom a felsomre, este pedig leveszem, o pedig egesz nap meri mennyit mentem, fogyasztottam, egettem.
Mivel sosem voltam edzo tipus, igy az elejen nehezkesen indult a kihivas, de idovel belejottem, a testem pedig mindinkabb igenyelte a mozgast.
2014 km egy ev alatt nem olyan nagy tavolsag, foleg, ha lebontjuk napi szintre: kb 5,5 km. Nekem megis hatalmas valtozast es fejlodest hozott. Megjegyzem, az egy napra eso legnagyobb tavot, 19 km-t nem a parkban setalva tettem meg, hanem az Oxford street-n vasarolva (koszi, Joci). A legemlekezeesebb setam pedig az oltar ele vezetett, de ennel nem volt rajtam a lepesmero…
Iden is igyekszem uj egeszseges szokasokat kialakitani, majd be is szamolok mindenrol. Addig is pedig kivancsian varom a ti tanacsaitokat, tippjeiteket.

3 thoughts on “HOW I WALKED 2014 KM

  1. I love walking….and because of scoliosis I exercise regularly so I guess I keep myself active and healthy:) I love the symbolism of walking 2014 km….in today’s hectic life it can be quite an achievement!

  2. That’s such a great idea, and I’m pleased that you achieved it. It’s the best feeling knowing you’re setting up a healthy new habit and achieving a target all at the same time.

    Well done 🙂

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