ENG: New year, new beginning, new plans and perhaps some old-new resolutions. We want to be healthier, better, promising the moon and stars to our inner self, while mostly giving up by the end of the month. So, how to make those great ideas and resolutions to stick around? How to be able to see through all the plans you’ve made? The most important thing is to give yourself time to really think through what you want. I thought of 7 tips to help you create a fab year.

1. REFLECT ON 2014 – The period between the 21st December and 31st January is universally meant for reflection, silence and creating the new. Start with taking stock of your year, and celebrating its blessings. What did you learn? What dreams came true? What made you happy?

2. LET IT GO – Releasing situations and people can set you free, and open up new possibilities. Stop carrying the whole world on your shoulders and think of yourself once. What was tricky, difficult to deal with? Are there any patterns in situations that might point out a certain behaviour/mistake of yours? Now, remember, it is ok to make mistakes, as far as you are willing to recognize them and learn from them.

3. MAKE A PLAN – This is the part, when you list out all fab things you want to achieve in the new year. Anything counts, anything is ok to wish for, dear to dream big, darling heart, but…

4. …BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR – Make sure you set out very clear goals, as the universe just might take it literally. Also, use positive sentences, as our consciousness doesn’t make sense of NO. So, instead of setting a goal of “NOT being lazy” rather plan “to be active”. Can you see the difference?

5.  BREAK IT DOWN – It is easy to loose track and motivation when you aim for something unreal without giving yourself time to actually make it there. Know what you want, but try to make small steps leading towards your goal, so you can actually make the most of every step.

6. CREATE  A MOODBOARD – What better way for keeping your mind focused than visually stimulate and motivate it. Grab some magazines and cut your fave things out, print out some Pinterest images and make a picture board of all your dreams to come true (you can use my Pinterest boards, they are full of inspirational beauties).

7. RE-VISIT YOUR GOALS – The best way is to put your goals into your to-do list or calendar, and set a date throughout the year to revisit them. Let’s say, spend an hour every first day of the month to see where you are with your journey, how much you have done, and take further steps from there.

Wishing you an amazing and prosperous year of 2015!

resolution, new year, planner, how to create a great year, diy, self help, motivation, life, advice, uj evi fogadalom

HU: Uj ev, uj kezdet, uj tervek es talan par regi-uj fogadalom, amit mindig csak viszel tovabb magaddal, de nem igazan sikerult meg megvalositani. Ilyenkor hajlamosak vagyunk a csillagokat is leigerni magunknak, aztan valahogy a honap vegere elfogy a kedv, a motivacio. Hogyan lehetne megis betartani a fogadalmakat, megvalositani a regi almokat? Kezdetnek a legfontosabb, hogy adj magadnak idot, gondold at, hogy mi is az, amit igazan szeretnel, es nyugodtan fogalmazd meg az elvarasaidat. Ime 7 tipp a konnyebb megvalositashoz:

1. LELTAROZAS – A december 21-e es januar 31-e kozotti hat het a csend es a teremtes idoszaka. Ahhoz viszont, hogy ujat hozzunk letre le kell zarni a regit igy kialakitva a megfelelo teret az ujnak. Keszits listat arrol, ami sikerult az elmult evben. Miert vagy halas? Mi tett boldogga? Milyen sikereid voltak?

2. ELENGEDES – Ahhoz, hogy tovabb tudj lepni szukseges szamot vetni minden buktatoval is. Az elengedes nem azt jelenti, hogy muszajbol letojom a dolgokat, hanem epp, hogy tudomasul veszem oket, es elfogadom, hogy leteznek akadalyok. Gondold at, hogy milyen nehezsegek alltak utadba az elmult ev soran, kik azok, akik gatolnak a fejlodesben (lehet, hogy epp te magad vagy az)? Vannak-e visszatero elethelyzeteid, hibaid? Merj hibazni, de merj szembenezni is a hibakkal es tanulni beloluk.

3. TERVEZES – Ez az a resz, amikor listazzuk mi mindent szeretnenk elerni, mire vagyunk, mik a celok az uj evre. Merj nagyot almodni, meresz terveket szoni, de…

4. … VIGYAZZ MIT KIVANSZ – Legy nagyon specifius az ohajokkal, mert az univerzum meg szo szerint veszi azt, es meglep egy-ket felresikerult kivansag teljesitesevel. Hasznalj pozitiv megerositeseket, terveket, mert a tudatalattink nem regisztralja a “NEM” szocskat. A “NEM leszek lusta” fogadalom helyett mondd inkabb, hogy “aktiv leszek”. Erzed a kulonbseget?

5. LEPESROL LEPESRE – Nagyon konnyen elveszitheti az ember a motivaciot, ha nem realis celokat tuz ki, nem realis idohataron belul. Hagyj magadnak idot a dolgok eleresere, tuzz ki kisebb merfoldkoveket a nagy uton. Meglatod, hogy sokkal tovabb jutsz igy.

6. VIZUALIZALJ – A kepzeletnek teremto ereje van. Keszits magadnak hangulat kollazst olyan kepekkep, amik a celjaidra emlekeztetnek – vagj ki magazinokbol inspiralo kepeket, vagy nyomtass ki parat a Pinterest-rol (nyugodtan hasznald az en gyujtomenyemet, biztosan talalsz benne kedvedre valot). Helyezd a lakas/iroda olyan pontjara, ahol gyakran szem elott van, igy is erot adva neked az uton.

7. ISMETELJ – Ha igazan meg szeretned valositani a celjaid, akkor erdemes idonkent megallni es atgondolni, hogy hol is tartasz az ev soran. Mi mindent sikerult elerni, illetve hogyan tovabb. Nevezz ki egy napot, peldaul minden honap elso napjat, amikor csak arra szansz egy orat, hogy atnezd a fogadalom listad es a fejlodesed.

Sok sikert es csodaszep Uj Evet kivanok neked!

resolution, new year, planner, how to create a great year, diy, self help, motivation, life, advice, uj evi fogadalomImage sources: Pinterest; Beyond books and walls; A new kind of normal; Pastel Beach by Bruce Bordelon



  1. Great post! And I do love the last picture on this post and cant ressist not to download it to remember me about changing myself to be a better person. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Or simply go with the flow 😉 I read stuff about dont start sentences with no or dont. And most importantly dont crave for things we dont have, or lack, simply focus on what we have. Have a great year

    1. I’m trying to go with the flow, to be more spontaneous, but still need some planning to keep myself going. I agree with you, appreciation of what we have is essential, it makes life so much happier and easier. Happy new year, dear, and thanks for your comment!

  3. Wasn’t it about this time, last year, you made a goal of walking more? Especially for your Wedding — I think it worked. Just wanted to say that I am proud of you for keeping up that noble goal. XO

  4. I agree with everything you wrote in your blog 100% and I have already did some things on your more list so I guess were on the same page with a lot of stuff, Great positive message.

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