oludeniz beach

ENG: It was time to make an adventure plan for the holiday. There are zillion things to do in Oludeniz, so it was hard to decide what to go for. Also, we didn’t want to jam our time, we were aiming for a balanced combination of idleness and exciting activities. After “serious” consideration of the local selection we made up our mind: yes to paragliding and the Turkish bath, quad-bike and diving for Tom, while I was going to take some pictures. There was only one thing we couldn’t settle on: which boat trip to choose.

The one that took a whole day seemed too long and intense, however certainly offered much more to see, such as swimming with the turtles. Now, wait a minute, I thought, what the hell that was! Tom eagerly updated me on the topic: so, the turtle is laying its eggs down, while you kind of sneak upon it, grab its back and swim along with it. “How is that even possible? Why would you do such a thing? Doesn’t it hurt the poor thing?”, I was wondering, whereupon my darling calmly noted that they enjoy it.


Right! I needed a minute to fully process the information. Then I enlightened Tom that I was myself kind of in the middle of my monthly “egg-laying”, and the last thing I could have wished for was someone climbing on my back for me to carry him/her. Therefore I kindly refused the idea of turtle swimming, and in defense of them creatures I objected violently to the whole concept. End of story!

We talked our plan over with the program organizer, who was staunchly trying to persuade me to go for the diving. It started to be annoying, so I warded his persistence off by saying I had contact lenses, whereupon to back up his point he found me a diving instructor with lenses. I had no choice but to play my “claustrophobia card”. His attitude changed in a nanosecond, thanking me for being honest, as it was essential to inform them about phobias and panic disorders, especially when signing up for diving and paragliding.

Aham, yeah! Well, I had no intention to confess my occasional panic/anxiety attacks. I mean, common, you must see my point here: after making up the claustrophobia, there was no way being honest about the other things. They would have evicted me from the whole place let alone letting me jump!I had already jumped once, I knew what it was about, there was really no need for freaking him out with my medical history. Anyway, we settled half way, Tom offered to “train” me for diving, no pressure, though…


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HU: Seta kozben tervezgetni kezdtuk, hogy mi mindent abszolvalunk majd a helyi elmenykinalatbol. Sikloernyozes igen, torok furdo igen, a terepmotorozas es a buvarkodas megmarad a Tomasnak, mig en fotozom majd a kornyeket. Egy dologban nem ertettunk egyet: melyik hajokirandulast valasszuk. Az egesz napos nagyon hosszu, de tobb szepseget iger, mint a felnapos. Van benne peldaul “teknosuszas” is.

Magyarazta maris a dragam, hogy az orias teknos mit sem sejtve megy lerakni a tojasait, te meg belekapaszkodsz a hataba es uszol vele egyet. Erre en kerdeztem, hogy az miert jo, es, hogy nem faj-e nekik, mire Tomas azt felelte, hogy ok azt elvezik. Rovid informacio feldolgozas utan megmagyaraztam a dragamnak, hogy en is epp a havi “tojaslerakasom” kellos kozepen vagyok, es legkevesbe azt szeretnem, hogy valaki a hatamra masszon, hogy cipeljem, ugyhogy ne mondja mar nekem, hogy a szerencsetlen teknos azt elvezi. Vita eldontve, megyunk a rovidebb hajoutra.

Lezsiroztuk az egeszet a programszervezovel. aki probalt meg ezerrel rabeszelni engem is a buvarkodasra. Mondtam neki, hogy nem, mert lencsem van, mire talalt nekem olyan buvart, akinek szinten. Mikor mar agyonuntam a gyozkodeset haritottam azzal, hogy klausztrofobias vagyok. Egybol mondta is, hogy az mas teszta, jo, hogy szoltam, az ilyet tudni kell, meg az esetleges panikra valo hajlamot is az ugrashoz. En voros fejjel sunyitottam. Gondoltam megtartom magamnak a valodi kortortenetemet, egyebkent is ugrottam mar, es ha meg a panikot is bevallalom, akkor meg a varosbol is paros labbal rugnak ki. Megjegyzem, hogy klausztrofobia egyelore meg nem ekesiti a repertoarom. Bar most, hogy ezt igy leirtam el is kezdtem rajta agyalni, hogy mi van, ha megis. Vegulis abban maradtunk, hogy a Tomas majd betanit a medenceben, aztan majd meglatom…


(Ha esetleg lemaradtal az eddigi reszekrol katt, es mar olvashatod is: 1.resz; 2.resz; 3.resz)

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