river island, warehouse, topshop, reiss, pandora, clarks, wishlist

1. River Island; 2. Reiss; 3. Warehouse; 4. Clarks; 5. Pandora; 6. Topshop

ENG: It is not that a big deal yet here, in the UK, but that didn’t stop me from creating my own Black Friday wishlist, just in case. And that means just in case someone would love to give me gifts tomorrow. Why not? It might even happen. So, lovely sponsors out there, here’s my list: a River Island coat, a Reiss sleeveless silk top, Warehouse wisteria printed trousers, Nude Clarks heels, fringy Topshop bag and a blue crystal ring from Pandora. Thank you very much, and happy Black Friday to me, yay! What is on your list?

HU: Szerintem otthon nem is ismerjuk a Fekete Pentek fogalmat, aminek lenyege, hogy a halaadas utani napon a legtobb amerikai uzlet szemtelenul olcson kinalja a portekajat. Itt Angliaban is meg gyerekcipoben jar a dolog, de a biztonsag kedveert keszittem egy kivansag listat, hatha valaki szeretne szponzoralni holnap, csak ugy. Miert is ne? Ime a lista: River Island kabat, Reiss selyem bluz, Warehouse mintas naci, Clarks natur cipo, Pandora kristaly gyuru es Topshop frufru taska. Kinek hogy tetszik?



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