ENG: From now on I am dedicating Monday posts to my photo diary – images that I made with my phone (hence the occasional low quality) during the week. Some of them you might have seen on social media platforms, but there are some I haven’t uploaded anywhere else. It is to share what I’ve done, seen, sometimes pictures tell more than words. I will also nominate an Instagram account for you to check out and perhaps follow (besides mines, of course) other creative woman I like and get inspired by. Enjoy, my dears, and tell me about what was the best thing that happened to you last weekend?

HU: Mostantol minden hetfon egy kepi naplot hozok majd nektek – fotok, melyeket hetkozben csinalok a telefonommal, hogy megosszam a vizualis elmenyeimet. Emellett pedig ajanlok nektek egy Instagramos oldalat olyan kreativ noktol, akik engem is inspiralnak. Most pedig a mai kerdes: mi volt a legjobb dolog, ami a hetvegen tortent veled?

london, food, alexandra palace, photo diary

birthday cake, halloween, sugar skull make up, party


eva klimekova, 2indahouse, instagram inspiration

4 thoughts on “PHOTO DIARY #1

    1. Well, it’s relative 🙂 It was Tom’s birthday, who I love, and you might know him a bit from my blog, as I occasionally mention a thing or two about him.
      Thanks for your comment, dear dievca

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