ENG: Signs are everywhere, you just need to notice them, listen and see instead of just looking. A sign is when a person smiles at you after a long and hard day. A sign is when the rain stops just for the time being of your wedding ceremony. A sign is when he calls you just at the moment when you think of calling him. A sign is when the perfect song starts to play. The universe (or call it life, God, luck – it’s the same) takes care of you, and sending its messages of love in all the signs.

This post is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge

weekly photo challenge, signs, life, universe
Source: Pinterest

HU: Az elet apro uzeneteit barhol megtalalni, csak resen kell lenni, befogadni oket, meglatni oket, nemcsak nezni, bamulni a semmibe. Jel az, amikor egy idegen mosollyal probal felviditani egy hosszu es gyotrelmes nap utan. Jel az, amikor az eso elall az eskuvoi ceremonia idejere. Jel az, amikor valaki pont akkor hiv, mikor te akartad ot. Jel az, mikor felcseng a tokeletes dal. Az univerzum (vagy hivd akar eletnek, Istennek, szerencsenek) gondodat viseli, es szeretete jeleul kuldi nekunk a jeleket.

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