ENG: Recently there has been a lot of booty talk. I don´t even start on the Kardashian phenomenon, I´m still not quite sure how that “thing” is possible at all. What I´d like to talk about here is the very obvious booty-trend that has been apparently taking over the music industry.

Starting my list with Derulo´s somewhat boring Wiggle song, where he´s trying to figure out how all that ass fit into someone´s jeans. It´s a sleazy and weak attempt to put his head around (or perhaps between) that bass, especially given the fact that most of the girls shaking in the video do not even have a decent size of a bum. I mean, if you are talking about a big one then show a big one.

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Now, here comes the next on my list, Nicky and her Anaconda. Immediately it hits the wow factor, at least visually, if you don´t mind her vulgarity and agressive “skinny bitches” talk. I could live with all her drama, and I´m certainly shaking my bun, but offending the other side of the scale won´t help the case. BTW, have you seen Ellen Degeneres twerking? It´s hilarious! Next.

bass, derulo, nicky, anaconda, booty, body image, meghan, j-lo, body
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This song was brought to my attention by my dear bloggerina, dievca. Ever since I heard it, been mumbling it in my mind: Meghan and her bass. This song is a mellow one, call it vanilla if you please opposed to Nicky´s hard core show. Some would say annoying, some would say stupid – I say I love it, and my wow goes to its message! It says all about that bass, even though she couldn´t help either but to mention those poor “skinny bitches” once.

bass, derulo, nicky, anaconda, booty, body image, meghan, j-lo, body
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And last, but not least: J-Lo feat. Azalea and THE Booty. There goes another wow from me. Not so much for the music, as for the visuals. It´s oh so sexy without being offensive. It is purely what it is: a bootylicious ode to all the ladies out there with a decent sized bun.

bass, derulo, nicky, anaconda, booty, body image, meghan, j-lo, body
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As for me, I´m not going to sing about it, but will say a thing or two. I´ve always had a well-sized area over there, and I´ve always been OK with it. In fact, I´ve always liked it. It´s comfortable to sit on, it gives my figure the righ curves, and it provides a good material for shaking. Occasionally, I still find it hard to fit it into my jeans (I like my cheescake), and I have issues with cellulite, but that´s just how it is. When I was a little girl my granny´s aunt – who was a very fine lady-, once told me to never ever let anybody refer to that as an ass or butt, because a lady has a “popó”. I cannot even translate it – think of the  nicest and most delicate word for it, and there you go. My point is, that because of my positive attitude since being little I have never considered my “popó” as something to be hated or be ashamed of. It´s not what you look at, but how you see it that matters.

So, I invite you to love your body no matter what. Let´s celebrate what we have ladies, and improve what we can, but(t) just take it easy, and shake it like crazy.

HU: Az utobbi par honap tagadhatatlanul popsi fokuszalt, bar Beyonce-nak es Kimnek koszonhetoen akar evekrol is beszehletnenk. Szinte egymast kovetik a booty videok kezdve Derulo langyosra sikeredett Wiggle szamaval. Nemcsak unalmas, de vizualisan is gyer – ha mar egyszer a nagy fenekrol van szo, akkor legyen nagy az a fenek. Ne vezessuk felre a jo nepet, mert ha a videoban szereplo lanyok popsija a meretes a kedves media szerint, akkor nem szeretnem tudni, hogy az enyem mire kvalifikal.

A sort Nicky Anacondaja koveti, maris egy wow faktor, legalabbis a kepi megjelenest illetoen. Na, o aztan tudja, hogy mi is az a nagy hatso, s bar elegge vulgaris es agressziv, nekem megis hitelesebb, mint a Derulo fele nyogvenyekerges. Ami fenek temaban bantja a fulemet az a “skinny bitches” (sovany ribancok) felesleges hajtogatasa. Attol nem lesz menobb vagy tobb letjogosultsaga a nagy feneknek, ha a kicsit leszolom. Nem is ez a cel! Ez nem verseny. Ez arrol szol, hogy ugy legyen jo, ahogy van.

Ehhez az uzenethez kozelit a maga pop modjan Meghan Bass dala. Ugyan nala is elcsattan a “skinny bitches” egyszer, megsem annyira provokativ es agressziv, mint Nickyje. A sort J-Lo es Azaela riszaja zarja egy fantasztikusan erotikus videoval, akar “Oda a fenekhez” is lehetne a cime.

Nekem mindig is meretesebb hatsom volt, es oszinten szolva engem ez kulonosebben sosem zavart. Kenyelmes, ezenkivul noies alakot biztosit es van mit raznom a tancparketten. Olykor elofordul, hogy nem mindenbe fer bele es a narancsborrel is meggyulik a bajom, de ez van. Kislanykoromban Nusa neni (mama pesti nenikeje), aki egyebkent nagy dama volt azt mondta, hogy nekunk nem seggunk, hanem popónk van. Szamomra ez dogmaerteku informacio volt es azota is ez a hitvallasom. Na, de mit is akarok ezzel mondani? Hat, azt, hogy mivel eleve pozitivan alltam hozza meg sem fordult a fejemben az evek soran, hogy valami baj lenne a meretevel. Tehat fejben dol el az egesz – nem az a fontos, hogy mit nezel, hanem, hogy mit latsz.

Holgyeim, unnepeljuk es szeressuk amink van, mert igy vagyunk szepek es tokeletesek! Itt es most. Aki pedig valtoztatni szeretne az szeretetbol tegye, mert torodik a testevel es ne azert, mert utalja azt. Mindekozben pedig razzuk a popsit merettol fuggetlenul!


  1. God, I am old….the Nicki Minaj song uses sound bites from Sir Mix Alot’s “Baby Got Back”. His song is really fun (and more of a play on words than being explicit). I have it attached to my post “Baby Got Back” — its bit of a risque post, so you can find the song on youtube, too. XO

    1. You might feel old, but I do feel like I have so much to learn (and I mean it in terms of my anal education). As for the song I only knew it from FRIENDS – it is fascinating how the same thing/song can be reinvented for different audiences and times.

  2. I gotta admit J Lo looks incredible for her age, I mean she does not age! But I still think that “Booty” is still a rather cheap attempt for a come back.

    1. It is, indeed, but she has always been a cliche, anyway. In this case I think the visual appearance compensates the lack of other qualities. Whether it is right or not, that´s another issue, I guess.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. For me it is fascinating how people always have the need to divide themselves into different groups…almost like there is a war between booty haters and lovers out there.

    I can honestly say that I consider both slim and curvy women beautiful….and everyone should be ok with their own body type because like is to short for anything else.

    It is also interesting how the definition of curvy and slim seems to vary…for example, I have been described as both…and sometimes I don’t even know where I’d put myself…but where ever I might be I feel comfortable with it:)

    Btw I have also noticed that men can’t tell the difference between tie and booty…for them it’s all the same, or the same area, I don’t know… while in fact some people can have full ties and not that big of a booty ( I think I fall into that category myself)…someone else might have ordinary ties but extravagant behind (like J.Lo)…

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