ENG: I encountered a wonderful skirt the other day on Pinterest, originally pinned from Alyson of Sequins & Things. (Photo taken by Miguel Emmanuelli) I’d been looking for the perfect skirt for such a long time, and even though I’d bought some new pencil ones during the summer, I wanted something more girly, something fabolous. When I saw this cobalt blue midi skirt by ASOS, I instantly knew this is THE ONE. Now, you should be a bit careful, when it comes ordering from ASOS, as the sizes are sometimes funny, but other than that I am pleased. The skirt has a nice texture, a stunning colour and it is spinning like crazy. I love it! I have not worn it yet, as I’m saving it for my wedding party, but will soon show you how it fits. In the meanwhile here is some more midi inspiration from Pinterest…

asos, midi skirt, fashion, skater skirt, wardrobe, miguel emmanuelli, sequins and things
Image source: Sequins & Things
Photo by: Miguel Emmanuelli

HU: Nemreg raakadtam erre a csodaszep midi szoknyara egy blogon (Sequins & Things), es rogton beleszerettem. Mar egy ideje kerestem ‘A’ szoknyat, vettem is par ceruza szoknyat a nyaron, de ez a fazon meg hianyzott a szekrenyembol (a minap szamoltam, hogy kb 13 szoknya var a szekrenyemben, most mar csak hordani kene oket). Ezt latvan tudtam, hogy megtalaltam a nyero darabot, meg is rendeltem az ASOS oldalarol. (kicsit ovatosnak kell lenni a szamozassal az ASOS-nal). Gyonyoru szine van, az anyagja is nagyon finom, bar kisse nehez maga a szoknya, de ugy porog, mint az ovodas Lambada szonkyaim anno. Meg nem volt rajtam, az eskuvoi partinkra tartogatom, de hamarosan bemutatom majd outfitben is. Addig is par midi inspiracio a Pinterestrol…

asos, midi skirt, fashion, skater skirt, wardrobe
asos, midi skirt, fashion, skater skirt, wardrobe
asos, midi skirt, fashion, skater skirt, wardrobe


3 thoughts on “THE MIDI SKIRT

  1. The Midi Skirt gives me life, I hope its a style/trend that never goes away. I’m a big 50s fan, so I love my nipped in waists, flared out bottoms so I really love this style- so chic & feminine. Love the ones shown here in bold colours like fire red, electric blue…

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