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Image belongs to Anami blog

ENG: I’ve been planning to do a product review for so long, but somehow never got the time and mood to make it. Also, I’m not a beauty blogger, so I don’t know how to give fancy descriptions of products, but I know what makes them appealing (or rather not) to me, so here we go. BTW, these are all purchased by me, none of them were given to advertise them, and all thoughts are mine and honest.Ā  Let me know about your experiences with these products, or simply feel free to leave a link below to your review.

HU: Mar olyan regen terveztem egy ilyen tipusu posztot, de valahogy sosem talaltam ra idot, vagy nem volt kedvem hozza. Masik kifogasom, hogy nem vagyok beauty blogger, fogalmam sincs, hogy kell szuper izgi termek leirasokat adni, viszont az parasztesszel nekem is vilagos, hogy mitol lesz egy termek vonzo szamomra (vagy epp ellenkezoleg). Megjegyzem, hogy a cikkben szereplo termekeket en vettem, illetve egyiket sem kaptam reklam celjabol, es minden gondolat a sajatom es oszinte. Kivancsian varom a ti tapasztalataitokat, illetve linkjeiteket a sajat termek posztjaitokra.

product review, beauty, lipstick, parfume, marc jacobs, daisy dream, loreal, rimmel, face cream
Image belongs to Anami blog


ENG: My last perfume finished a long time ago, so it was time to purchase another one. I am quite adventurous when it comes to scents, usually don’t buy the same twice, at least not right after each other. Also, I usually have just one perfume – and I’m totally ok not to wear any at all. This one I bought at the airport, so it came out quite affordable. Daisy dream by Marc Jacobs has a girly look, as you can see and it smells fresh, summery, and light – it does remind me of Gucci’s Envy me in a bit of an airier edition.To be honest I cannot even smell it on myself (they say it’s a good sign), it just becomes a part of me.

šŸ™‚Ā  The design (A dizajn)

šŸ˜¦Ā  The size – won’t fit into a smaller bag, plus the top comes off easily, which might end up in a perfume-bag disaster (A meret – nem fer bele egy kisebb retikulbe, raadasul a teteje konnyen lejon, igy akar taska-parfum katasztrofa is lehet belole)

HU: Az utolso parfumom mar honapokkal ezelott elfogyott, ugyhogy ideje volt beszerezni egy ujat. Meglepoen spontan es bator vagyok, ami az illatokat illeti, altalaban nem veszem meg ugyanazt, legalabbis nem egymas utan. Egyszerre csak egy illatot hasznalok, de ugy is tokeletesen tudok letezni, ha nincs rajtam semmilyen parfum. Ezt a darabok a repteren vettem, ugyhogy viszonylag olcso volt. Korbeszagolgattam parat es erre esett a valasztasom. Amint lathatjatok, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream-je egy nagyon vidam, kislanyos csomagolasban kaphato, az illat pedig egy konnyed, nyari es friss aroma. Engem a Gucci Envy me parfumjere emlekeztet, csak egy kicsit legiesebb kiadasban. Oszinten szolva nem is erzem magamon, szinte a reszemme valik.

product review, beauty, lipstick, parfume, loreal, rimmel, face cream, marc jacobs, daisy dream
Image belongs to Anami blog


ENG: I got this lipgloss from my make up artist at home, Liv’s Visage. I’ve never heard of this label before, but I love lipsticks and glosses, something a woman can never have too much of. I love the colour of this one, its texture is also very good, it lasts long, and it is not sticky, as many lipglosses are.

šŸ™‚ – The colour (A szine)

šŸ˜¦ – The best way to keep it is on a shelf standing right up – not bag friendly, as there’s always some gloss between the top and the container, so it leaves a mark. (Legjobb, ha a polcon allva tarolod, mert valahogy mindig kerul egy kis anyag az uvegcse es a teto koze, szoval maszatos nyomot hagy a taskaban)

HU: Ezt a szajfenyt a sminkesemtol, Liv’s Visage-tol kaptam. Sosem hallottam meg errol a markarol, viszont nagy ruzs es szajfeny bolond vagyok – egy nonek ezekbol sosem lehet eleg. Imadom a szinet, az anyagat es meglepoen sokaig tart, illetve nem ragacsos, mint oly sok szajfeny a piacon.


ENG: I’ve long been a L’oreal Telescope girl, however at my local beauty store there is no L’oreal make up stand, so simply because of my laziness to travel for it I’ve been experimenting with other labels and forms. My latest discovery is the Wonder’full mascara with argan oil, which I have no idea about it. What I do no, though, that it separates my lashes big time and make them look like distinctive, however, I could use some more density and volume. The top is designed to be hold comfortably, which is another requirement of mine.

šŸ™‚ – The form it gives to my lashes (Ahogy formalja a pillaimat)

šŸ˜¦ – Disappointed about the density it gives, the WONDER’FULL mascara make them look quite like a wonder, but not full, actually rather sparse… (Inkabb ritkitja, mint surusiti a pillaimat)

HU: Evekig L’oreal Telescope lany voltam, de mivel a helyi drogeriaban nincs L’oreal sminkes stand, igy foleg a lustasagombol eredoen elkezdtem kiserletezni mas markakkal es spiral formakkal. Legutobbi szerzemenyem a Wonder’full a Rimmel-tol argan olajjal, amirol fogalmam sincs, meg magyarul sem. Mivel hosszu pillakkal vagyok megaldva, ezert csak a felso reteget szoktam festeni, kulonben ugy nezek ki, mint a Csillagszemu juhasz. Ez a spiral tokeletesen szetvalasztja a pillakat, de nem ad teltseget, dramai hatast, ami nekem nagy csalodas volt.


ENG: Another Rimmel product, long live the queen! This was love at first sight and ever since it has been. The colour is tangerine (it says Luna on the label), and the texture is fantastic, too. Sometimes I just apply it above a lipstick in order to tweak it a little.

šŸ™‚ – It is scented! (Sargadinnye illata van)

šŸ˜¦ – It does not hold as long as the Pink Seduction lip gloss (Nem tart olyan sokaig, mint a Pink Seduction)

HU: Meg egy Rimmel, eljen a kiralyno… Szerelem volt elso latasra, regota kerestem egy tangerine arnyalatot. A szinen kivul a textura is megfelelo – neha csak egy csoppnyit teszek belole a ruzs feluletere es maris csodakat muvel.



      1. No problem at all! You deserve the credit šŸ™‚

        Hope to hear you around here a lot!

  1. I love Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquer… personal favourite colour is Eclipse, but I didn’t see this colour originally! I think I might have to go find it now! Good recommendation!

    Boo x

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