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Image by Suzie at Beauty with Plus

If you are a fashion blogger attending seasonal catwalk shows then you must have heard of the London Fashion Week’s Plus size movement that started to unfold its message last year. Taking it to another level it is not “just” celebrating curves anymore, but celebrating all kind of women, body types without discrimination. I’d like to believe that my words, my blog has other meaning than just rambling about trendy staff, showing nice images and posing around with a Celine bag (make no mistake, I’d still love to have one, though). My aim is to actually have a point (occasionally) , to inspire others, to show that women are strong, that we are worth it and we are all fabulous just the way we are – or as Suzie would say it we are all “Beauties with Plus“. (

Suzie is a Hungarian plus size blogger currently following her dreams and her love in Italy, who recently has established 10 essential points that every woman should know/follow for a positive body image. Today I’d like to share them with you, to spread the words so that we inspire more and more women together all over the world.

beauty with plus, women, body image, health, self esteem, plus size, fashion blog,
Photo: Dove/PA Wire

1. A woman’s beauty, values and her place in the world are not determined by centimeters or kilograms! (The whole article here)

2. All women, regardless their body shapes, deserve equal treatment in fashion, work, health care or any part of the life! (The whole article here)

3. We must fight against body prejudice with the right communication and education! (The whole article here)

4. Doing exercises shall be essential part of our lives which we do because we love our bodies and not because we hate it! (The whole article here)

5. A woman is beautiful regardless her age or weight! We detest the altered image of beauty presented by the media and we believe in the natural, Photoshop-free beauty! (The whole article here)

6. We believe in body diversity and we aim to prove that your happiness and success don’t depend on your weight! (The whole article here)

7. Curvy women are so much more than being a fetish, just like any other woman with different body shape! (The whole article here)

8. Regardless your weight or body shape, it is our common responsibility to fight against body discrimination whether you or a fellow human being is affected! (The whole article here)

9. Words like “fat” or “skinny” have no more importance than others like “blue-eyed” or “tall”. They are descriptive adjectives but not determining our personalities! (The whole article here)

10. We shall be the healthy and realistic example for the younger girls so growing up they become happy and confident women! (The whole article here)




  1. Awesome post. I found the seriousness of the content quite at variance with the pictures though 🙂

    I suppose it all comes down to the perceptions and mental yardsticks developed through our socialisation that we carry into the world.


  2. Thanks for stopping by – and I enjoyed this post. This skinnier than thou attitude has got to stop.

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