Now, that all major fashion shows are gone and leaving us overwhelmed by trends what seems to be forever it’s time to focus on the other part of Europe.  If you cannot think further than the late Berlin Wall, then think again, because there are wonderful things happening in Central Europe (you might name it as East Europe, but really, it is the central part, Google it) Gombold újra!, the fashion designer competition is the next big event to look forward to.

Gombold ujra, hungarian fashion

Being organized for the fourth time in 2014 by Design Terminal, applicants from the Visegrád countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary) are warmly welcomed to present their work to the international judges. The aim of the competition – besides highlighting the common cultural and historical heritage – is to bring together the participants of the creative industries, to strengthen the regional collaboration and to take the Hungarian designers into the spotlight of international fashion industry.

best newcomer collection gombold ujra 2013, orsolya csik
Bedclothes by Orsolya Csik – GOMBOLD UJRA 2013

As a Hungarian from Slovakia I’m particularly pleased that such a significant collaboration is encouraged for the sake of fashion, design and creativity. It is yet another chance to prove that we are just as good as any other fashion empire, especially when working together. I have already written about the Fashion Live, an initiative for Slovak Fashion Week, where 10 highly talented designers showcased their current collection. Now it is even more colourful teaming up with 4 different, yet somewhat similar countries. We have a very strong history together, and Gombold Ujra proves that we have a bright future as well. Apparently I am not the only one being positive about it:

Slovak Fashion Council is very enthusiastic to cooperate with Design Terminal on the next CEFD2014. We see a common goal and this is a great concept for achieving it. Slovak fashion needs support and needs to be promoted constantly. Cooperation with more European countries makes us stronger and louder in international competition. Central European fashion has the power to attract not only local audience but the world as well. Therefore SFC is happy to support and join the team of CEFD. We believe we will add value to this project so that a reliable platform for supporting our fashion industry in long term will build its name and relevancy.”Mgr. Zuzana Bobiková, Head of Communications, Slovak Fashion Council

central european fashion days, best hungarian accessories
System and form by Agnes Kovacs, GOMBOLD UJRA 2013

The organizers have ‘twisted’ the conditions: applicants’ own country cannot be the source of inspiration; everyone has to create classical Central European clothes or accessories in harmony with the two categories by getting ideas from the other three countries. Besides exploring new cultures and roots, it is also an opportunity to learn emerging brands and designers, and to get to know many other bloggers.

The competition focuses on talents being ambitious for starting on their own company. The prizes go along: the field’s very best will get the 10 000 Euro ’CEFD Visegrád Award’ as an entrepreneurial instinct and another 10 000 Euro ‘Design Terminal award’ will go to the best Hungarian designer. Entrepreneurial skills are also encouraged: applicants’ professional CV and the interpretation of their brand’s identity also contributes to the final evaluation.

NUBU at Gombold Ujra, contructivism in fashion
Nubu by Judit Garam, Adél Kovács, and Anett Hajdu, GOMBOLD UJRA 2013

All sounds great, doesn’t it! So, if you are a designer make your move, apply and become the next hot fashion icon in town. As for being a blogger – well, needless to say, YOU MUST BE THERE (final show schedule will be revealed later this year, it will happen sometime this autumn, so keep your eyes open)!

For more information visit: and follow the event on Facebook as Central European Fashion Days


  1. wonderful collections….great initiative to have a few countries present their collections together.

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