eva magazine, spring outfit

I’m already in love, been for almost 5 years, but spring is all about awakening our feelings and multiplying desire and passion. This song is a great way to celebrate spring and that buzz that makes everyone go a bit off limit… So, let’s fall in love again and again, on and on!

These images were shot by my mother, who has no idea about the camera whatsoever. My sweet little thing, she was just clicking all over the place. The only thing she was sure about that she hated my sweater for fooling around with my curves, making even bigger what is already there, if you know what I mean. Well, I took her advise and left behind my warm and cosy sweater, leaving it in Slovakia in my “just-in-case-wardrobe”.

eva magazine, spring outfit

Beanie – New Yorker; Sweater – Primark; Bodicon – H&M; Leggings – River Island; Boots – New Look; Bag – Pull & Bear

eva magazine, spring outfit

I accessorized with my favourite home magazine, Eva. My mom always buys it for me, so when I get to Slovakia there’s always a pile waiting for me.

eva magazine, spring outfit eva magazine, spring outfit


2 thoughts on “#OUTFIT – LET’S FALL IN LOVE

    1. Haha, she actually asked me to take pictures of her, too, she was posing and going crazy in front of the camera, but I don’t think she would be happy being on my blog 🙂

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