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All images belong to 5005 Leather

I’ve been looking for the perfect leather card holder for Tom for a long time, and couldn’t find one that would exactly look like how he’d imagined. I was extra happy when I found 5005 Leather, which has wonderfully handmade products – you can chose from its current collection or order a bespoke piece.

All of the 5005 Leather products are made from vegetable tanned cowhide, without using any mechanical power. They are sewn by hands, all the edges are painted black and polished to be more comfortable and stylish. The leather is already treated by grooming oil, so it does not need any further treatment.

5005 Leather, handmade purse
All images belong to 5005 Leather

The owner and manufacturer, Laca Soos, makes sure that every piece is durable, remarkably designed and personalized, if requested. Name, short text or a small picture – everything is possible according to the customer’s personal requests. The chosen design is than burned into the leather making it more personal and unique. Above is the holder he made for Tom (it was a surprise) with his monogram as I asked him.

All images belong to 5005 Leather
All images belong to 5005 Leather

Whether you want something masculine or feminine, there’s plenty of choices and designs to go for. With its luxuriously soft finish, leather is the material that will never go out from fashion. If you are looking for a blend of style, elegance and class, 5005 Leather is definitely should be one of your choices. Have a look at the website, and indulge yourself with some eye-candy.

All images belong to 5005 Leather
All images belong to 5005 Leather

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