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Going home

Hello there ladies, and welcome back to my blog – I’ve had a bit of a writer-holiday. After 7 seven month (which felt like forever) I finally went home to Slovakia to recharge my batteries and mainly to spend time with my family. You might know that I got engaged in October, so you can imagine how much talking and showing I “had” to do as I hadn’t been home since then. Spending every minute possible with my family and friends I realized all over again how much they mean to me, and how much life sucks without them in London.

Apart from relaxing I also did some work – yes, I’m a workaholic. I managed to do some outfit posts to the #FABWOMANPROJECT, which you can check out from next week. The major local women’s magazine asked me to take part in one of their features, so this time it was me being interviewed – will show you the results and all the “behind the scene” soon. Other than that I was organizing our wedding – we now have the place, the time and the guest-list. My dress will arrive in April – I’m extremely excited, but more about this later.

Here’s my photo-diary of the holiday, enjoy!

glamour, budapest, festy in style, anami blogMy mom awaited me with the Hungarian Glamour magazine, in which I had a mini-appearance alongside Festy and Iszak Eszti. It is the smallest feature, but every little step counts. In case you wonder that is me at the left top corner on the picture within the picture, yay!

vojka nad dunajom, home, slovakia, anamiblogI went walking with my mom a lot. This is near our holiday house on the country side, where I used to spend the summers before I moved to London.

family, sweet home, babyThe sweetest person on earth, my baby cousin. He had known me via Skype, so whenever he saw a laptop he called it Anna and his parents had to call me on Skype. You can imagine how surprised he was when Anna (that’s me) got out from the laptop, and was standing there as a real person. It didn’t take him long to get used to the fact and we spent lots of time together singing and playing.

wagner sweets, cake, dunajska stredaWhen at home there is no such a thing as a healthy diet. Actually, the word diet does not exist there, no matter how hard you try. After a while you just don’t try anymore. My mom is always cooking and baking all kind of sweet sins, so by the end of my time at home I usually look like a stuffed duck.

livs visage, make up, anamiblogHaving a make-up artist friend eventually makes you being more interested in beauty products and more eager when it comes to taking care of your skin. We are working on some cool features with Livi aka Liv’s Visage and I cannot wait to share all of them with you!

deichman, heels, pastel shoesWhile at home I usually pop in to Deichman, where I always find something to buy. This time I went for the mint heels (although I liked the pink ones as well). With spring being around more and more I needed a pastel delight for my feet.

reserved, maxi skirt, necklaceAnother bargain from shopping is this mustard maxi skirt and pinky-grey necklace reminding me of the 80’s. Altogether with the shoes above I spent £25, so it was a must-have bargain.

streetstyle, slovakia, dunajska stredaMe working, taking outfit pictures…

anamiblog, sreetstyle, slovak blogger, uj no…and this me being in the spotlight for change.

So, let me know how you liked my pics and what was YOUR highlight of February.


Anami, xx







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