Hey Babies,

hope everyone is fine, and having a great weekend. I sure do! Yesterday I went to the city to buy an iPhone case for my lovely friend. She’s chosen one from Moschino – didn’t have to ask me twice to go there and get it for her. Moschino is yummy!

moschino, bag

Now that I have my pedometer I’m trying to make the most of it. So! I walked from Conduit street to Great Portland street were I was invited to the LOVE boutique. ( Such a nice way to spend the afternoon. I managed to make a statement entrance, as I almost tripped over the decoration near the front door. I was nervous already anyway as I went there alone – my friend cancelled last minute. Being full of other bloggers I felt somewhat shy – am not really good in “must-do” networking. I love to talk and get engaged in meaningful communication, but when it comes to networking like this I kind of shut down and feel awkward.

love, in love with fashion bloggers in london, love fashion bloggers event, love fashion

Well, I still managed to browse around the showcased dresses and to talk to a person (yes, one person at a time). Her name was (actually still is) Jesslyn, she’s 17 (OMG), and studies fashion. Check out her blog:

Now, back to the event. Here are my 2 favourite finds from the latest collection of LOVE. Not only is this flower patterned kimono a visual delight, it will also lift your mood way up wearing it. The other ones are these wonderfully elegant palazzo pants, which come in different colors. I want them all! Let me know what you would choose from the new arrivals (you can check them out here).

white palazzo pants LOVE Turquoise Oriental Kimono love new arrival, in love with fashion LOVE Powder Blue Long Sleeve Wrap Front Dress

Oh, and to finish the afternoon with style coming out the boutique I discovered a double rainbow in the sky. What a gesture from Mother nature!

rainbow, great portland street, after the rain

Have a fab week all my lovelies, oh, and please let me know what you would like reading about on my blog next.

Anami, xx


3 thoughts on “IN LOVE WITH FASHION

  1. Nagyon szépek a ruhák, ezek a színek pont passzolnának hozzám (bár mostanában sok sötétebb cuccom van) ♥

    Köszönöm a kommentet egyébként a “7 dolog rólam” részhez! Egész pontosan refluxom lett a sok idegeskedéstől, ami sajnos azóta is visszatér, hol komolyabban, hol enyhébben, ezért rendszeresen kell vizsgáltatnom magam. Erős ekcémám is lett, ami azelőtt soha nem volt, de azzal még “elvagyok”. Ezeknek több, összetevődő oka van, de mindig is hittem benne, hogy van fény az alagút végén és talán már meg is láttam 🙂

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