As the new year has arrived I’m sure most of us are full of dreams, expectations, and perhaps resolutions. This time of the year tickles with new spirit – and I can feel that a lot.

anamiblog, 2014 resolution I’ve read that between 21st December and 31st January is the perfect time and energy flow in the Universe for us to dream a new life to the new year. Being enthusiastic about it I’ve started the process with filling out Leonie Dawson’s absolutely fabulous workbooks, both for my personal life and career. I haven’t finished yet, as it gives me a lot to think about and I really try to carefully shape the vision of my year for 2014.

I spent the holidays in London together with Tom, yet far away from home and family. There were lots of tears involved especially around Christmas, but somehow I managed to “pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.” Now, what I’d like to share with you is one of my resolutions for 2014. Nothing big, nothing fancy, but powerful enough to make it a better and happier year then the last was (even though it was pretty jolly-good).

On personal level what I’d like this year is for me to create and maintain a mind-body-soul harmony. The mind part includes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and positive thinking, while the soul harmony requires more meditation and quality relaxation, of course. Amen! As for the body part here’s the story…

body image, health, beauty with plusI’ve never been working out regularly in my life. From an early age up to 18 I was absolved from any kind of physical training including at school (due to a heart condition), therefore I grew up without establishing a healthy exercise-routine and a proper muscular system. This then led to several injuries (requiring surgery), usual back-pain and to the fact that I’m absolutely not fit. Like at all. Whatsoever.

I’ve read an article about how our body starts its “getting-old process” at around the age of 35 gradually using up everything we’ve built up by that time. Well, that scared me a lot, as I haven’t done much health-wise during the past 30 years. So, I did some research on options for dummies like me and found the most basic and probably the easiest way of starting out: WALKING. Now, an average person should make 10 000 steps a day, which equals to approximately 8km. I downloaded an app to my phone to keep track of my “distances”, and it turned out my average was 2km/day. Not good enough…

November and December was all about pushing this number up, which at the moment is an average 4km/day. That would make 1460 km/year (4km x 365 days). Still not perfect (what is anyway), but certainly it’s better than before, and considering my health history I need to be clever and careful here. So, here’s what I promised myself: in 2014 I will walk/jog/run 2014 km, and will keep you updated about my journey (including the mind-soul part, too). That way I will keep improving my “distance number”, while the blogging will hopefully push my ass to really accomplish the mission. My goal is to finally get fit (at all) and healthy, so I can enjoy life fully!

PS: I’d love to hear about your resolutions, maybe we could inspire and push each other to achieve our goals!



5 thoughts on “CELEBRATE 2014 – MIND, BODY & SOUL HARMONY

  1. My goal for 2014 is very small, but hopefully will have a large impact in the end. Do something healthy each day. Eat a salad, workout, take the stairs all day, drink enough water, meditate, etc. I would love to see some good habits develop out of this mindset.
    Good Luck with your walking! It works.

  2. I like the idea. I am not very fit myself, although I don’t have and problems other than just being awfully lazy!.. I think walking is the best, and safe!, way to keep yourself active, and although I force myself for two months to exercise around 5 to 6 days a week, every time I exercise I feel pain in my sould as if I do sth against myslef and hate the word for this half an hour… Of course then I am very proud of myself for next 24 hours, until another half an hour comes where I swear and shout and cry as well.. While I still need to find a way to delight in exercises, I may go back to walks. Come to Chesham, we will walk together!

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