Rony & Vera
Rony & Vera

Please welcome today Vera and Rony in the Fab Woman Project. These two stylish architect fashionistas come from Israel, Tel Aviv and have a very versatile blog going on, the ‘Watt We Wear‘. It’s not your everyday fashion blog, but so much more, full of art, design and travel. Vera and Rony have a distinguished taste that is out of the box with lots of statement. I’m so happy to have found them, it’s always a joy reading ‘them’. Visit their blog and social media platforms for more inspiration and many great ideas, and also read below the interview I’ve made with them.

  • Where does the name of the blog come from?

We’ve been friends since the first day of university, and while there everyone always used to make fun of us for always wearing matching outfits without meaning to. Somehow our style was always in sync, like fashion telepathy or something! So when we opened a blog together we decided to name it “what we wear“.

  • According to you how is your blog special/different than the others out there?

Other than our blog, we don’t actually work in fashion. We come from the field of architecture and interior design so we tend to have a very different outlook than a lot of other bloggers. When we started our blog our aim was to share styling ideas to show how one could be stylish and chic without spending a ton of money.

As our blog evolved, we now write about much more than fashion: architecture, travel, photography, art, and more!
  • Apart from blogging what do you do?

We are both architects.

Vera Watts from What We Wear
Vera Watts from What We Wear
  • In 5 years…
…hopefully our blog will continue to grow and expand in different directions. We aspire to open an architecture firm together.
  • What are you proud of?
 We are very proud of being the multitaskers that we are and being able to incorporate all our passions into our careers, whether it’s architecture and design, fashion, or writing.
In terms of our blog, there are so many fashion blogs out there so we’re very proud and flattered to have amazing regular followers who take the time to read our posts and interact with us on different social media. We started out the blog as a way of getting out all our ideas and inspirations so for anybody else to take interest is honestly unexpected and very much appreciated!
Rony Shapira from What We Wear
Rony Shapira from What We Wear
  • Who would you like to spend a day with?
 We would love to go back in time and meet Coco Chanel. she was such an interesting woman and such an icon who revolutionized fashion! Also we’d like to thank her for making the LBD a fashion necessity and for making suntans fashionable 🙂
The quote in our blog’s header is actually a Coco Chanel quote which we’re very inspired by.
Vera - What we wear
Vera – What we wear
  • What is the best thing about blogging?
For us, we love being able to connect with people from such different places and backgrounds who share the same interests! The internet makes everything accessible and it’s fun sharing inspiration with people from around the world. But one of the most amazing things about our blog is that it’s an amazing “excuse” to get us together. We both have such busy lives but at least we know we get to spend time with each other when we work on the blog!
  • What is your favourite place?

Both of us have traveled the world and also lived in different countries (Vera grew up in Russia and Rony in the US), but we have to say there’s no place like home. We are in love with our home and very proud of Tel Aviv, we truly believe it’s one of the most amazing places in the world!

7 thoughts on “#fabWMN – TEL AVIV STYLE BY VERA AND RONY

  1. The Dynamic Duo perfection! We are huge fans of fabulous WhatWeWear Rony and Vera and always look forward to their inspirational posts set against unique scenery. Great interview, ladies! Keep rocking!
    XOXO N & N

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