Anzelika - self portrait
Anzelika – self portrait

Anzelika used to be my classmate at uni, she’s always had her very own style and interpretation of the world. She always seemed a little wild to me, a person with unlimited ideas and freedom, the ultimate party girl – you might also know her as Tabula Rasa or Zwezda. Today Anzelika has two beautiful kids and her own photography business where her creativity comes alive. She does amazing images – whether it is a family event or a fashion show, she knows how to capture the best of it. Check out her work on Facebook as Angela Mazur Photography.


  • Describe yourself with 5 words…

Happy, Lucky, Creative, Hardworking, Dreamer.

  • What is ‘Images of Love’?

“Images of Love” is the name of my photography business which captures weddings, newborns, children and family portraits.


  • How is it special?

It is special because it helps people to remember the best times of their lives and to pass it from generation to generation. I think people start to appreciate how priceless memories are only when they miss them. Through my photography I am trying to reflect real moments with real emotions in a friendly and cosy environment that my clients can relate to. It is so special to share happy moments with people, and I feel privileged for being a part of it by recording them.


  • In 5 years…

… I will be older, more experienced, hopefully still be making people happy with my work around UK and Europe.

  • What are you the most proud of?

I am proud to be a mother of 2 beautiful boys; this is definitely the highlight of my life. Becoming a mum changed my view of the world, made me understand what real LOVE means, and that is what I try to reflect in “Images Of Love”.


  • Any current project you are working on?

Project NR.1 is definitely my children. Photography-wise I have a few ideas to realize and showcase to the world. Currently I am searching for talented stylists, make-up artists and art directors who would love to share my passion for fashion and would like to create a story tale.


  • Who would you spend a day with?

Mick Jagger – he is 70, but still manages to rock. Will.Am – this men sees the future. Johny Depp – I know we would all be pleased. Richard Brandson – there’s a lot to learn from him. And Kate Moss – I think we got things in common.


  • Who is your inspiration?

David La Chapelle, Annie Liebovitz, Yervant, Kelly Brown, Kirsty Mitchell, Steve Gerrard, my kids and my tutor who inspired me to create better work.

  • What else do you do apart from photography?

I am keeping my family nest warm and happy, I love spending time with my kids. Also I love travelling, meeting new people, and going to fashion and art events.



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