“Ever wished you could quiet your negative thoughts, ongoing self criticism, feelings of doubt and imperfection?

Are you attached to a life story that no longer serves you?  Are you ready for a change?”

YES, please!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

 The meditation challenge is not a stranger to me, I’ve done it couple of times with Deepak Chopra, and later Oprah tuned in as well. It is basically a guided meditation package for every day throughout the period of 21 days, when you try to sit down and calm your mind for 15 minutes a day. Deepak and Oprah always have a short introduction, there is a mantra for each day, and then the journey begins. Even if you just do this and nothing else it can be a wonderful experience, especially giving the fact that thousands (if not more) of people meditate with you all over world, so it’s a huge amount of positive energy and vibration.

This time it is a new couple challenging, and instead of chanting the mantras silently in your head there is music and the power of the voice. The challenge started yesterday, however I found out about it just today. The first meditation is on the ‘universal sound’ OM. It was a bit funny and somewhat awkward at the beginning, even though I was alone in my room. Hearing my own voice was weird, but as time had passed I became more comfortable with myself and by the end I really felt relaxed and blessed.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

 I don’t usually meditate every day, most of the time it is an inner call, and that is the time when I sit and listen inside. Recently there have been many changes and with the Fashion and Design week coming up from this week I felt the urge to prepare myself for the exhibitionist challenge of the EGO.

I cannot deny that maintaining a personal style blog involves lots of showing off and looking into the mirror. However, I try not to drown in the world of pretense and bling-bling, instead of I prefer to style my inner glory with some occasional soul food and to shine my inner mirror’s reflection. I also do the 7 Tibetans yoga as much as I can, but I will tell you about that at another time. Of course, I like being on the spot from time to time, but being a blogger I’d like to think that there is more to that.

If you’d like to register for the meditation challenge (it’s free) visit the link below:

21 Day Mantra Meditation


P.S: Tell me about your meditation experience. What kind of soul-foods do you have?

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