Today I’ve received the new IKEA catalogue for the next season up to June 2014. As interiors are being my passion I always enjoy browsing through magazines with beautiful spaces inside and this time IKEA has done its best. It’s not just a dull directory-like paper mass anymore, but a really stylish thing, you could even call a magazine.

“Besides all the ideas and products in the catalogue, there’s even more to discover – throughout the year. By scanning selected pages with your smartphone or tablet, you will get access to home furnishing tips and ideas, see rooms from different angels and get more offers from IKEA. Look for the plus sign symbol, scan the page and enjoy!”

Throughout the catalogue you can find little tips here and there, pointing out space-solutions and bright ideas.

My personal favourites are the mood boards – this touch makes the catalogue the real deal.





4 thoughts on “IKEA CATALOGUE 2014

  1. képzeld én meg egy nappal azelőtt voltam az ikeában, hogy megjelent volna…mondjuk elérhető a neten is, de mégsem ugyanolyan. Szeretem kivágni a tetszetős darabokat 😛

    1. Én is voltam egy hete – be is vásároltam. Mindig meglátok valamit, amit nem lehet otthagyni. A katalógust én is jobban szeretem, az olyan igazi, papír, teljesen más fílingje van, mint online.

    1. Yes, I totally agree, it’s very versatile and satisfies a wide range of needs. I know it’s not high end design or quality, but I really like the world of IKEA 🙂
      Thanks for your comment, btw.

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