“Once upon a time, there was a place called Graphics Metropolis, an imaginary cosmopolitan city where creative and artistic wonders happened. The king there was Irvin the Illusionist,  who captured all citizens through his camera….”

Now, that is not an ordinary story – Graphics Metropolis really exists, even though it’s not a place but more like a creative studio. Irvin is not a king but he really rules in what he does as a photographer. I’ve found his images via Instagram a while ago and keep checking his work ever since then. What I most like about it is that dreamy, illusion-like vibe, and the way he (and his team) can show even ordinary (I mean not models) people being extraordinary.

Irvin has a huge portfolio on various themes and has already co-worked with several prestigious magazines such as the Vogue or FHM. Last year he became the Photographer of the year within the RAWartist Los Angeles. Check out his website and/or FB page and be ready to get carried away.

Facebook – Graphics Metropolis

  • Describe yourself with 5 words..

Constantly challenging and creating art

  •  In your opinion how is Graphics Metropolis special?

Graphics Metropolis was conceived from the idea of creating something big. It all started from my aspirations of being a continuously evolving artist that could make an impact to this world. Graphics Metropolis operates towards a grand scale of things with a heart.

  • In 5 years…

I already have several Vogue Covers and doing editorials and shoots for major brands while having a solid project that helps other people on the side.

  •  What are you the most proud of?

My team’s fashion editorials and my continuous collaborations with talented artists around me.


  •  What is the first thing you notice when looking at your object/subject?

People: Their eyes. Things: Their colours.

  •  What are you the best at?

Cracking people up with my corny jokes and asking people to tell me their secrets using their eyes.

  •  Who would you spend a day with?

Wong Kar Wai

  •  What makes the real man/woman?

Bullshit-free, kind of confidence makes a person real.

  • What makes a woman erotic?


  •  Your favourite place…

The beach

71755_632682290092248_1487173396_n 156434_637438669616610_860116298_n 406432_385859674774512_739881711_n 537471_495250600502085_1630736058_n 735597_608329009194243_1612155529_o 970621_689959427697867_1521130504_n979915_704631022897374_1776889278_o All images belong to GRAPHIC METROPOLIS All images belong to GRAPHIC METROPOLISAll images belong to GRAPHICS METROPOLIS

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