WEEK 31 (aka JULY)

Hello there,

I’m back from the blog holiday – if there’s such a thing. I took a month off, as I need to re-fresh my ideas and my concept. I went home for a while to Slovakia, then came back to London, and now here I am, blogging again with full strength.

Hope you are enjoying this summer and remember to love and smile 🙂

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comEven though I went for a holiday, I still ‘had’ to work a bit. I was re-designing a fabulous family house near my home town. I really enjoyed the process, however I was a bit frustrated to find that the majority of the Slovak/Hungarian design shops do not have an appropriate and professional website for designers to browse through.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comIt was incredibly wonderful having sunflowers everywhere! They are the happiest flowers ever!

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comIt was real summer at home, with extremely high temperatures – perfect time for swimming, sunbathing and trying out my summer hat. Apparently, it does not sit nicely on my head, and I cannot see anything from it, but it’s still good for goofing around.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comA bit of a DIY project in our holiday house. Glass paint might seems tricky at first, but the more you work with it, the more it is.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comI went to Masterpiece 2013, where I was fell in love with Tom Stogdon’s Town, displayed within the Crane Kalman Gallery. It’s made of various sized and shaped stones and has a wonderful artistic vibration.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comWhile at home I made some new outfit shoots with my friends to show how beautiful a woman is regardless her age, size and other conventional/social limitations. One of the beauties, Livi.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comComing back to London we are still celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London tube system. Still hate it, still love it.

www.anamiblog.wordpress.comSome of my summer trousers and……and outfits with hubby.

Well, am happy to be back!

Tell me, how’s your summer going?


Anami, xx

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