Hi everyone, good morning.

Hubby has woken me up early this morning, so I might as well just use the extra time and write a blog post. I need to work all day, so with the early start might be able to do more. I’ll merge 2 weeks in this post, as I’ve been extremely busy lately and did.t have the chance to blog properly.

IMG_2257First some good news – the summer giveaway has finally found its winner: EDINA CSENKEY, congratulations!

IMG_2231Another good news – I’ve finally found the best burger in London (ok, that’s a bit too much, let’s say the best from what I’ve tried out). It is made in Southgate in the ‘oldtreesomethinginn’ – cannot remember the name properly. Anyway, it tastes great! We’ve been actually wondering with Tom whether we shall write a list of places NOT to go in London, as we certainly have a tendency to find those kind of restaurants. Well, this one wouldn’t be on it, as it’s kitchen is just fabulous!

IMG_2216After the burger you might feel guilty – well, DO NOT! Here’s a tip how to work your beach body for this summer. I’m sure I’m not alone with my ‘summerbodyagony’, I guess I will have just get over it. I have never been what you’d call skinny, nor ever been a plus size. I’m average, one might even say normal… ( I wouldn’t go that far, though). I’m certainly not a diet type, as I love eating too much (please, don’t start on it). I like working out, however most of the time I can provide you with an excellent excuse why I do not do that. So, I end up as I am… You know what, I still prefer to sit comfortably on my ‘well-pillowed’ bum than being in pain for my bones are sticking me.

IMG_2692My dear friend, Festy is leaving London soon, so here we are, spending a day together, saying our goodbyes.

IMG_2677At the London Pride yesterday – celebrating homosexuality. It’s always a great party there in Soho, with lots of music and dancing – gay people certainly know how to rock the boat. Apart from that it is an important day, as being different not necessarily mean being wrong. We are all human, with certain likes and dislikes, preferences and as long as we respect each others’ choices and life there shouldn’t be a problem. When I wrote my dissertation I had to made a wide research on gender issues, power and London sex shops ( it was fun, sometimes overwhelming, though). I’ve found several things and issues that do not fit my world, but still they make sense for others. At the end of the day we are all humans with lots of colour and depth and whether we have a penis or a vagina shouldn’t determine us and lock us up in a box.

IMG_2680 Just another memento from the Pride.

IMG_2681Again, food – but what a food!

IMG_2139This is entirely a different story – London Underground celebrates its 150th anniversary. As much as I fear the ‘tube-experience’, I am still amazed by its architecture, the whole system that covers London underneath like a spiderweb. I promised myself that I will go on with my ‘Metrodesign’ series, showing tube stations all over the city, so watch this space.

See you soon.


Anami, xx

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