Not long ago I had the chance to attend LCM, that showcased the upcoming trends for male clothing by the very best of British fashion designers. For the first time in my life I actually watched real catwalk shows – I mean for really real, even though sometimes I had to crack my neck to see anything in the crowd. Bottom line, I was there – thanks to Festy, my dear blogger friend, and had a great time.

IMG_2007This is one of my outfits while attending LCM. This pic was taken at the Hentsch man show.

IMG_2017This was the ultimate highlight of the whole LCM for me – meeting David Gandy. An Indian guy was talking to me, trying to get my attention, when he asked me if I knew Gandy. I was like ‘Of course, I know, the Indian leader – what a weird try to chat at a fashion show.’ Then I turned around and left him. And there he was: David GANDY! I had been looking at him for a while when it hit me, the Indian guy meant him and not the leader. Anyway, I was like Monica in Friends when Joey is having his VIP roof party. I decided to approach him and ask for a picture together (thank god Festy was there, otherwise I would have made a total idiot from myself). David was more than a gentleman, he saw how nervous I was, so he pulled off a little small talk to save the day. Despite being totally out of our league he behaved like he was one of us. Great experience!

IMG_2030At the Kaushal Niraula show, which was fabolous – and the Mojito extra strong!

IMG_2064Another celebrity hunt of mine – the Sartorialist. He is the GOD of streetstyle photography, he is actually the reason for such a thing exists at all. Festy spotted him on our way for a catwalk show and being still stout-hearted after the ‘Gandy hit’, we didn’t hesitate to talk to him. He is unexpectedly short but a nice man.

IMG_2072Getting ready for another day of LCM.

IMG_2085Another great show – the Flamingo Massacre by Katie Eary.

1At the Jimmy Choo showroom at Covent Garden – not the best picture, however the new collection is great. It focuses on texture and pattern while working some humor.

I had a great time, cannot wait for the next Fashion Week in September! 🙂


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