Hello Dears,

how are you? How’s your week going? My has been eventful and long, haven’t relaxed much. I have lots of photos for you, first one that has appeared in the Ultimate Wedding Magazine. Now, wooow, slow down there, no, I’m not engaged, it’s been just a random photoshoot capturing our moments of tenderness by Lucy Noble, my dear friend, who is a great photographer as well.

2Finally, I’ve got the third part of the series. It is a mad and brilliant story, honestly, I have no clue how it will end.

3 Ok, what is it with this thing here? I mean, why? Obviously, it is a teddy bear, that is far away from charming, even though it tries hard with the ‘wannabeprincess’ ballerina touch. It just doesn’t work! It’s more frightening than welcoming, it’s even bizarre. I can see her(?) chasing after me in a nightmare in slow motion… Ouch!

IMG_1869This is me and my party face (profile) for the Light Bible launch at Delta Light. I’ve learned this messy bun-do from Beth Jones – it’s one of my favourites (and also one of the very few I can actually make).

4Scene from the party – the people are actually behind me, so yes, it was really a party. I went there with Festy, my blog buddy and had a great time (best moment when they played Personal Jesus by DM, yay).

5Trying hard to look descent – apparently champagne and beer do not work together well… I also managed to get some jam onto my trench, as the magician broke a bar of it while doing his trick. Now, I need to come up with some magic on my own, possible with one that is more efficient than an ‘abrakadabra’ to make the jam disappear from my coat.

10Why is the camera always somewhere else than what the machine tells you? Oh, probably because of the champagne…

6I’ve passed by this amazing installation near Great Portland Street. I was in a hurry, so didn’t go in, but it seemed like that was a gallery or something similar showcasing great design. Anyway, I’ve found this buble-light-mass very interesting.

8Piece of London – we are celebrating again, this time the 60th anniversary of the queen being on her throne. At least I think it’s that. Call me ignorant, but haven’t we already done something like that?

7I confess, I haven’t been in yet, yes, I know, it’s too bad. No excuses. Will do my best, promise.

IMG_1917Went to search for some fabrics at Ralph Lauren – it is a completely different world. All I could do there was pretending to be someone I’m not. They were nice and helpful, but there’s always someone in these kind of high end shops, who’s gonna give you the look and will make you feel bad about yourself. I got that look, made a note of it and then moved on. So what, I’m not rich (financially)((yet)), at least I know where I came from and where I stand. But, to be fair, the most of the staff was really kind.

Apart from the fabrics I browsed through the wallpapers as well – they have such a great collection, focusing on texture and richness. I loved them!

IMG_1932My darling man posing for me. Actually, he is not, just let me take a picture of him. Anyway, I really like his outfit, it’s a pity the pattern of his shirt doesn’t show much, because it just adds an extra to the whole look.

9And last but not least a poetic question: why? Why is anything cool these days just because having some studs? The tourist bag? Really? I know we are back to the 90’s, but this is just awful! Ok, I admit, might look great on my blog as part of an outfit, but the whole concept is just freaking me out! The generation of my parents still have and wear this bag, and not because they would be cool (I mean, my parents, of course, are cool). Every tourist have one of these bags, plus they ‘accessorize’ it with white socks and sandals, looking like an East-European sex tourist. Even if I let the baggy go, that necklace is still out of the trendy zone.

What do you think? I’m curious!


Anami, xx

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